How To Distinguish The Fake Human Hair In A Simple Way

How To Distinguish The Fake Human Hair In A Simple Way?

Human hair wigs and weaves have risen in popularity in recent times and though they are usually pricier than their synthetic counterparts, more and more women are opting to buy them because they lasts longer and one can treat them the same as their normal hair.we have to admit that wigs are still a very expensive consumer product. Because of their high prices, some illegal Hair Vendors use other materials as real hair. Accurate and improper profits. As a responsible wholesale wig supplier, Aupres Virgin Hair Vendors teaches here. You have a 4 simple ways to identify Fake wigs, so you can reduce losses.

Wholesale Hair Vendors

The texture

Human hair tends to be softer, shinier and more durable than synthetic hair, since it is harvested from real humans. The texture should feel natural and not the same as braids would.


Brazalian Human Hairs


The cost of the hair can also be a huge giveaway; if it kind of costs like human hairs do, but then again unrealistically cheap for what it offers, you need to be weary.For example, if a 20-inch wig is going for the price of what a 14-inch one would go for – which is still not cheap by the way – think twice. Human hair is expensive, and though the seller may indicate that they are offering you the best price, it could be the proverbial too good to be true.

Natural Hairs


When you colour/bleach your human hair, it takes fast, depending on the grade. If it is fake, it will most likely burn. Always ask for surety on if you can colour the hair at the point of purchase, to make sure it’s authentic. This also goes for using heat such as a blow dryer or flat iron, but bleaching is a better test.

Human Hair Vendors

It curls

If it’s real, then you’ll be able to curl it. Real human hair can easily curl, especially when wet. The hair should also have some motion and not be stiff.

Natural Human Hair Vendors

Does not shed

Human hair tangles, but not as much as synthetic hair. If the tangling is excessive, then you’re obviously not on the right path. It should also not shed too much, meaning, you shouldn’t have balls of hair in your comb.

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