How To Diy Your lash box Logo With Your Own Photo ?

How To Diy Your Lash Box  Logo With Your Own Photo ?

Helen K is my new client, she placed an orther with 46 pairs lashes and 46 pairs custom lash boxes,  this is not strange; most important is she successfully Diy her own logo with her photo,  supper cute! Now lets view the screenshot the WhatsApp dialogue, learn how  she did this procedure smoothly. 


Chapter 1, Helen clearly ask for help on her brand lashes, intend to buy mink lashes and custom lash boxes!



Chapter 2, Helen K choosed her mink lash styles from the catalogs we supplied to her!


Chapter 3, Helen K show us a box model, she want we print her custom lash boxes like the model box she provided!



Chapter 4, Helen K sent her supper cool photo which was wearing a long but dramatic 25mm mink lashes, she want this can be print out on ep30 box model, with her brand name Helen K Lashes 


Chapter 5, Our professional designer make a demos for Helen K ,  she fall in love with this box on her  the first sight, its more beautiful than she can expected! 


Helen K placed her order with pleasent, she believe that she can promote her mink lash business very well with the best quality mink lashes and super cool custom lash boxes!!


We have supported tons of girls started their lash lines, help them became professional on this lash industry and make their own great profits! 

Welcome cooperate with Aupres Lashes,  believe you can get your satisfy mink lashes and custom lash boxes with help of our sales representative and designers.  Very simple for you and for us! 

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