How To Enlarging Your Mink Lash Business?

How To Enlarging Your Mink Lash Business?

       Learn More Eyelashes Knowledge, not waste sample time and sample shipping money

Learn more knowledge regarding mink strip lashes, so beautiful and best quality mink lashes in front of you, you don’t know whether it is popular and how about the quality, and want to buy 2 pieces sample do a test,  obviously you are waste 25$ shipping cost!!

You should know at a glance how the quality and how popular the style is, then you can purchase it immediately.

DN04 22mm mink strip lashes

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DN03 22mm mink strip lashes

mink lashes wholesale eyelash vendors


Learn To Settle Accounts And Order Properly

Shipping  cost to Usa 25 dollars one parcel, which can carry 50 eyelashes /30 eyelashes with eyelash packaging case or boxes.

When you order only 5 pieces mink lashes a shippment, then every  mink lashes shared 5 dollars on shipping, your costs on eyelashes are

5 dollars expensive than others, how to make profits?

DN05 22mm mink strip lashes

mink eyelash vendors 25mm mink strip lashes

DN06 22mm mink strip lashes

eyelash vendors usa  wholesale mink eyelashes

Learn To Study Website Of Lash Vendor

Learn to study lash vendors website, study their policy, choose the best policy to save money!  For example, we have a great policy, when you order 60 pieces you can use free eyelash packaging cases from us, this is a great policy to support your lash business, equals  you save one dollar each mink lash!! please see our packaging page and related YouTube video.


DN16 22mm mink strip lashes

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DN02 22mm mink strip lashes

3d mink eyelash vendors  25mm strip lashes

Learn How To Place Order Control Stores

When you doing eyelash business, keep a reasonal store is very important.  When your customers asking for eyelashes, you did not have stores, then you must purchase from wholesale lash vendors, and in a hurry, you can not purchase enough eyelashes to share  shipping costs, then you added costs to your lashes, thats means you save less money!!

DN09 22mm mink strip lashes

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