How to expand  eyelash market  with  nostalgic lash box

How to expand  eyelash market  with  nostalgic lash box

Jessica is an ordinary mink eyelash supplier in the United States. Recently, her eyelash business is very popular. She used to sell one pair of eyelashes at a time. Now she can sell 3 to 4  pairs of eyelashes at a time. The sales volume has greatly increased. Do you want to know why?

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Do you see the three custom lash packaging  boxes shown above? This is the mystery of her success. As you can see from the three boxes above, two are Nokia mobile phone boxes and one is an Apple smart  phone box. What did you guess? Lisa buy 2 lashes, Apple box lash herself use, Nokia box Mink Lash she bought for her mother, she still remember her mother remain a similar Norkia  mobile phone in her home, thats her mother’s first mobile phone!  of course, her mother very happy for her gift!

Oh my god, is the image below a tape? Is there such a beautiful tape? You are wrong. This is a tape-shaped eyelash box. What does this eyelash box remind you of? Lisa bought 2 pair tape box packaging box mink lashes, one for her respected grandmother(her fathers mother),  1 for her another grandmother(her mothers mother),  her grandmothers very happy, and give her 50$ each, in fact she bough 34$ fot 2 pairs lashes, but she get 100$ award!


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These Nokia lash packaging box and tape lash box packaging are 2 type nostalgic lash box  launched by Aupres Lashes recently, These beautiful and iconic phone-shaped eyelashes packaging has a fatal appeal to middle-aged and elderly women. Through these packaging, Jessica has expanded her eyelash customers by 3 to 4 times. Jessica thanked AupresLashes very much, which gave her Bring more customers and profits

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