How To Find Good Wholesale Hair Vendors To Start Hair Business?

How To Find Good Wholesale Hair Vendors To Start Hair Business?

When you start hair business, a good Wholesale Hair Vendors is a great help to you!  There are many factors infect your decision on choosing the right Wholesale Virgin Hair Vendors, we should choos the vendor with the best quality virgin hair at the right prices. Following is some steps for your reference:

Before buying sample, search the company’s review on their websites first. Then search their company name on google to double check again.
The hair vendor should have good customer service, when you ask them some questions, they should have enough patient. Because you are about to spend your money there.
Here are some questions you should definitely ask:
Is your hair virgin hair?
What origin is your hair?
Is your hair chemical or steam processed?
Can I see pics/videos? Video is the best to show the hair.
Can your hair be washed, conditioned, dyed, bleached and straightened? Real human hair can be curled, straightened, dyed without any problem.
What are your wholesale prices?
How long after payment does the order ship out?
How long does shipping take?
First, you can burn the hair.

Take a couple strands of hair and burn it if it turns to ash or a hard black substance. If it turns to ash.Then it is human hairIf it turns to a hard black substance, then the hair is synthetic hair or synthetic hair mixed with human hair.
Second, you can shampoo the hair.
Third, finger combing method.

Run your fingers through the hair to see how much shedding will occur.
Forth, Wear the hair. Wear the hair for about one months. Curl it, straighten it, shampoo it, dye it, bleach it etc.
Do to it what you would normally do when wearing hair. If everything is good— there is no problem with holding curls, bleach the hair, it takes color well, no excessive shedding, no melting strands when applying heat etc….Then it is good hair.
Follow the above process to find the right hair vendor.Many Wholesale Virgin Hair Vendors are trading companies without their own hair factories. To some extent, there will be a part of the price difference. But it’s not the most important thing for you to start your hair business.
Because they can provide a lot of consulting services that hair factories can’t provide. Here are a lot of problems and solutions that you may have in your hair business.
Therefore, when choosing hair vendors and suppliers, the price of hair is not necessarily the most important. The stability of hair quality and long-term feasible service are equally important.

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