How To Get Cheaper Bulk Custom Lash Packaging Box?

How To Get Cheaper Bulk Custom Lash Packaging Box?

The Eyelash Packaging plays an important role in the process of eyelash sales. Eyelash Packaging can not only protect eyelashes from damage, but also enhance product value, promote sales, and at the same time spread the brand value to obtain more customers and markets. A growing number of customers choose to purchase our Custom Eyelash Packaging and customize their own Eyelash Box, but where and how to get cheaper bulk Cutstom Lash Packaging Box

▶Our Achievements
We have been devoted to brand packaging and sales and provide small and medium-sized eyelash enterprises in America with marketing programs integrated processing with packaging. We also provide OEM and ODM services to help thousands of small and medium enterprises to start their own business every year.

▶Lash packaging Factory
Our production factory is a standard modern eyelash packaging box factory with the most advanced 3D printer, UV printer and printing machine in the world. Our quality and production capacity are at the world’s leading level and our factory has a design team , a quality inspection team, a production team of 70 people, and three automated production lines.

Wrapping and packaging
We use a high-quality anti-extrusion paper box whose covers are sealed with tapes and will be labeled as fragile stickers to prevent extrusion and damage in transit. We guarantee that the eyelash boxes will be delivered safely and on time to our customers in good condition.

■ Production Cycle
Our usual production cycle for eyelash box is 3 to 12 business days which is faster than any other eyelash box factories.
The length of the production cycle is caused by the difference in process and material, such as printing time, gold-blocking time, material preparation, and production time.

■ Daily Production
Our average daily output is about 10,000. Although it is not the most, our quality is the best, because we put quality first and have strict quality control in each link. The yield is influenced by the process.We have large stocks of the box that are all in the market popular style, and our delivery speed is within 24 hours, which enables our customers to quickly occupy the market and save time.


Bulk Order With Cheaper Price
From the above situation, you can know that when you order 1,000 packaging boxes, the design cost, inspection cost and time cost are greatly diluted, so you can get very cheap packaging boxes, the price will be so low that you dare not dare imagine.

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