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How to get custom eyelash packaging box with only 50$?

How To Get Custom Eyelash Packaging Box With Only 63$?

Aupres lashes is a well-known mink lash wholesale vendors. Recently, it has been confused by custom eyelash packaging box.

                                                                     Eyelash packaging box  wholesale lash vendor     

Although the eyelashes of Aupres lashes are well known, customers need to test, need sample orders. The order quantity is between 10-20, basically covered every top selling styles of our mink lashes.

DN16 22mm mink strip lashes

                                                                         lash vendor wholesale 3D mink lashes

The best-selling mink strip lashes naturally have to be graded, but the current eyelash packaging customization mode limits the continued development of this testing and sampling order model.

                                                       lash packaging box eyelash box


The current mode of customizing eyelash packaging box is like this, with a minimum order quantity of 100 pieces, a price of $2.5  per box. three days for design the processing drawings according to customer requirements, the box will be completed within 15 days.

  eyelash packaging box diy eyelash packaging

Aupres has found a very good custom eyelash packaging box solution for the eyelash e-commerce traders. We have designed 6 popular eyelashes boxes with different shapes and colors. We invested huge money to construct a box producing line, to provide low moq and quickly producing system to make custom eyelash packaging box, we finally get the solution to solve this problem for customers.

Eyelash packaging Box Model

Eyelash packaging  lash packaging boxes

                                                    eyelash packaging box

This week, we started debug the operation,  finally give a great figure, we can custom eyelash packaging box with low moq and three days producing time, with 2.5$ one box!!!

So the customers who will order a small number of custom eyelash packaging are blessed, you can only use 50$, three days get your own diy eyelash packaging!!!

Now we make a review, look at the advantage of this solution to the customer, and the shortcomings of this solution?

From the analysis table you can see very clearly, this solution greatly down the starting cost from 250$ to only 20$, and also shorted the custom eyelashe packaging box producing time, let the new eyelash vendors start up their lash line business with very low cost, it is really a great help to them. 


The new solution will be officially launched next week. Eyelash Line traders who are limited can cooperate with Aupres to shorten test time, enter the eyelashes asap,realize your eyelash dream!!!!

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  1. Nice post and it’s a very cheap price

    1. Hello dear George, thank you for your comments! Yes, we got nearly 80 lash packaging box models for our customers, you can provide us your
      logo, we put it on box for you with only one day negotiate on lash packaging box
      logo, 3 days producing custom lash box for you, and with
      a very low minimum order quantity, this is very great help to our customers, we are the only lash box vendor can provide such a low moq,
      you can invest seldom dollars to start up your high class lash line!

  2. Wow! This is very amazing post about the importance of boxes. Most of the people don’t know about this. Thanks for this amazing post!

  3. Hello would love to work with you about starting an eyelash brand

    Lynn King

    1. Thank you very much Lynda King, will you order custom boxes? Price is 2.5$ for custom eyelash boxes, and moq only 20 boxes.
      is that you Whatsapp number ?

  4. Your Custom Eyelash Packages is very nice.I really like it.Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Hello dear Nora Liam, thank you calling my website, we are lash manufacturer, wholesale lash vendor, we not only supply mink stip lashes, but also provide eyelash packaging services,
      We supply luxury custom eyelash packaging boxes and cost effective eyelash packaging cases solutions for you, web page link as following, please visit the link and related video tutorials:

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