How To Get Free Cosmetics Item On Amazon?

How To Get Free Cosmetics Item On Amazon?

We know that when new cosmetics are listed on Amazon, we always expect Amazon customers to give him product reviews and hope to get 5-star praise; then when we incarnate as Amazon experiencers, we will explore product use, packaging, logistics and other links. And evaluation, it’s easy to get feedback from merchants and get free products! However, this is a taboo topic on Amazon. It is easy to be understood as ordering and being punished by closing the store. Here are some new products and how to get free new products!

Following items are newly update cosmetic items, with price and shopping link! 

  1. Magenatic Eyelash Pack 14.99$  Amazon shopping link:    Contact WharsApp+8615318782783 get Fresh  Coupon Code


2. 16 pairs 25mm Faux Mink Lash Pack. 19.99$    Amazon shopping link:


3. 4 pairs 25mm Faux Mink Lash Pack 9.9$, Amazon shopping link:


4. ” Thank You” Stickers Pack 9.99$ , Amazon shopping link: 

Contact WharsApp+8615318782783

5. Rose Gold Magnetic Lashes Clip Pack 9.99$, Amazon shopping link: 

6. False Eyelashes Tweezers Pack 9.99$, Amazon shopping link:

7.Rose Gold Eyeliner Glue Pack 7.99$, Amazon Shopping Link:

    Contact WharsApp+8615318782783 

8. Diamond Eyeliner Glue Pack, 7.99$,  Amazon Shopping Link:

Contact WharsApp+8615318782783 



9. Pearl Eyeliner Glue Pack, 7.99$, Amazon Shopping Link:

  Contact WharsApp+8615318782783

10: White Eyelash Glue Pack 9.99$, Amazon Shopping Link

Contact WharsApp+8615318782783 

11.Black Eyelash Glue Pack 9.99$, Amazon Shopping Link

   Contact WharsApp+8615318782783 

12: Big Hair Claw Clips 4.3 Inch Nonslip Large Hair Claw Clip for Women and Girls 18.01$  Amazon Canada shop link 


What’s The Process of taking order

First step :

contact with sellers directly via the WhatsApp, tell that you are wanna free items on the shop, then you will be advised that, these items can get free charge Maz 3 items, but need to review and leave your 5 star positive feedbacks with 3 pirctures or a part of Video.


Second step:

send screenshot of your order details, like the following screenshot

Third step:

Send the screenshot of your 5 star possitive feedbacks,  the reviews must pss the  Azazon checking system, then your work is finished!

Forth step is most amazing part, Refund!

We need 1 day time to refund your payment on items paid to Amazon, thats a very good matter, will last about 6 days after your payment!

We will update the purchasing link every new products luanched!


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