How To Get Free Lash Packaging From Aupres Lashes?

How To Get Free Lash Packaging From Aupres Lashes?

Everyone knows the truth that high-end eyelashes need beautiful packaging to sell at a better price. However, the cost of beautiful Custom Eyelash Packaging accounts for more than 25% of the total cost, which is a big investment.
Is there a way to save this investment of Eyelash Packaging Box and buy more eyelashes with the same money?Yes, when you read this blog, you are very lucky you come to the right place to get following FREE  Lash Packaging Box from Aupres Lashes As long as you meet the following conditions!


 Order Amount over  50 Pairs Wholesale Mink Eyelashes

Only when you wholesale a certain amount of eyelashes, you can get a preferential wholesale price. According to Aupres Lashes’ incentive policy, an order of 50 pairs of eyelashes can get a better wholesale price, for the new entrepreneur, 50 pairs lashes is a big investment, in order help you to start your business, you can take any one box model 50 pieces free charge!  You only pay the lash costs and shipping costs! thats a great help to you.



Wholesale Mink Lashes

Eyelash Packaging

Accept Plain Box Without Custom Logo Design

When you want to custom this kind of paper card box, print your logo design on.  minimum order quantity 400 pieces, only logo boxes and shipping will costs 280$, that not including lash costs, thats a great investment for new entrepreneur, also i am sure if you get 400 boxes, you will waste half of them from the begining,  with these plain box, you can start your lash business with a low investment, and a very compesitive price! You can make more money than otehrs!

15mm Eyelash Dc07
16mm Eyelash Dc07

Wholesale Mink Lashes

Wholesale Eyelash Packaging

Support Mix Mink Lashes Styles, No Matter What Lash Styles 

We did not limit you on lash styles choice, i will list for you on the following website page, these lashes covers 16mm to 25mm different lash styles, support mix styles, only upto 50 pairs.

15mm lashes DC18
16mm lashes DC18

16mm mink lashes page link 

22mm 4D mink lashes website page link 


25mm mink lashes website page link 


Aupres lashes is a Mink Eyelash  industry and trade company Group, we are Lash Manufacturer, Wholesale Eyelash Vendors USA.

Our corporate purpose is Honesty and TrustworthinessContinuous Innovation, and Customer Success. Our desire is to help customers create their own Eyelash Brands and realize their own eyelash entrepreneurial dreams.

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