How To Get More Discount From Wholesale Eyelash Vendors?

How To Get More Discount From Wholesale Eyelash Vendors?

Aupres Lashes is Professional Mink Lashes Manufacturer. We have successfully helped many girls start their own Eyelash Business in USA .Today I will tell you some tips and tricks to get favorable discount from besides the wholesale price of Custom Eyelash Packaging with mink lashes from Wholesale Lash Vendors Aupres Lashes .

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How To Get the Best Wholesale Price From Lash Vendors?
Big order always get favorable discount from Wholesale Eyelash Vendors. You could ask discount policy from your Mink Eyelash Vendors. Please be guaranted that good only quality mink lashes can win more customers but poor quality false eyelashes will let you lost customers. Ask reviews from your Lashes Vendors to make sure the quality can be loved buy your future customers.

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In the United States of America,the good quality mink lashes is 15-25$ for retail price. So you can get the wholesael price should below 10$. Aupres Lashes is professional great quality Mink Lashes Manufacturer. We always focus on high quality lashes producing and updating, we must promise the mink lash quality for our customers, Wholesale Mink Lashes price is 3.5-5.5$, We will give you the best discount depends upon your order quantity. More details please contact our WhatsApp+8615318782783

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What’s The MOQ for Custom Eyelash Packaging With Mink Lashes ?
Please pay attention to MOQ , if you do not want in Big Quantity. Small MOQ will hold you small Money, so you can let you lash business running easily . Aupres Lashes have stock more 300 different Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes, These Eyelash Packaging is updated in very popular . We have professionl printing machine ,can print your logo in this Custom Eyelash Boxes. Minimum Order Quantity only 30 pcs. Free and professional designer team service to you and make your custom lash boxes in pretty.

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What will be disoucnt rate?
According to our policy, over 50 pairs lashes and 50 pieces custom lash box, you can get 5% discount, the discount rate will increase upon order quantity, max 10% discount, you can save 100$ more when you order volume over 1000$, that will be very great price, you are getting an offensive price, you can beat any compentator on the market, and make your own profits.

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Accumulate discount for the ambitious entrepreneur
If you are start your lash business and you are confidence to do your lash business very well, anther discount solution maybe fit you, you can ask for accumulate discount, that means when you have ordered 1000$ volume lashes and packaging, you can ask for total discount from Aupres Lashes, this discount rate will 2% lower than the normal discount way, but any how that means we Aupres Lashes always support you promote your eyelash business well!

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Event discount for the regular customers
In general, we have several discount event Day, such as Tax Refound Shopping Day( Fab 25- 3rd March), China 11th November Shopping Day(Nov 8-13th), Western Black Friday Shopping Day(Nov,25-27th), Christmas Shopping Day(Dec.22-24th), event day discount will reach max 8% discount, this is much favor, many regular customers restock eyelashes on these days, to save more money depends upon the company policy.

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