4 How to get the right eyelashes

There are various types of eyelashes on the market today.Excluding offline physical stores, a random search of keywords (eyelash) on Amazon’s website shows 8,000 results.


Choosing the right  eyelash style that suits you seems to have become a difficult problem for beginners in beauty, because you don’t know whether the eyelash style  is really suitable for you, or whether it can achieve the effect you expect.

As a supplier with 10 years of eyelash business experience, I would like to share here how to choose  right eyelashes.

1. According to the hair quality

Generally, eyelashes are the most intuitive and visible part. The material, curvature and even softness of the hair are all factors that determine whether false eyelashes are natural and comfortable to wear.


Do not like heavy makeup, daily work

False eyelashes of real hair type are generally made from natural hair, such as mink hair and rabbit hair. The hair quality of this kind of false eyelashes is very similar to our own eyelashes. It feels soft and naturally curled, and even has a little oily luster. After wearing it, it looks like it was born.

Want to highlight eye makeup, sensitive eyes

Man-made fiber (faux mink), the texture of this eyelash material is relatively hard, too neat, the curvature is consistent and the luster is high, but it is not as natural as the real hair material.

2. Choose according to the shape

For the makeup effect you want, the shape of the false eyelashes you choose will also vary.

If you want to pursue a sexy and glamorous look, the bold and elongated eyelashes will make the eyes look more vibrant and charming. This version is designed to lengthen the eyeliner and turn the eyes into long, upturned fox/cat eyes.


Suggested crowd: The extended false eyelashes at the end of the eyes are most suitable for girls with long and large eyes and wide double eyelids. The sexy effect is great.

False eyelashes with long middle and short sides are most suitable for people with cute styles. open eye false eyelashes can visually enlarge the upper and lower width of the eyes, creating lovely and charming round eyes.

The middle-length false eyelashes style is more suitable for people with rounded eyes and wide distance between the upper and lower eyes

3.Eyelash extension

False eyelashes of this type have a very small root, and the number of eyelashes may be at least one, and there may be 6-10 more. They look like small grass seedlings, are soft and have no support, and can only be used to modify the eyes.

Suggested crowd: These clustered false eyelashes often play an auxiliary effect and are suitable for any eye shape. They can fill in the pores of the eyelashes and allow the real and false eyelashes to merge to achieve a supernatural effect.

4.Segmented eyelashes

A section may only have a few sections of false eyelashes, which are relatively sparse as a whole, and the gaps between the hair bundles are scattered. It is as natural as our real eyelashes. Generally, there will be a choice of size and length, and the flexibility is relatively strong.

diy lashes
Suggested crowd: suitable for people with sparse eyelashes, you can match false eyelashes with different lengths and curling degrees according to the length and curling degree of the real eyelashes at the head, end of the eye, and various parts of the eye.

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