How to get your mink lashes order release from FWS quickly?

How to get your mink lashes order release from FWS quickly?

The US Department of the Interior FWS issued a document on April 6th, and made new instructions on the application for eyelashes and wildlife business licenses and began to implement it. Until now, FWS has held a lot of orders through UPS, which has caused headaches for eyelash suppliers. This article tells you how to get back orders from FWS as soon as possible and start eyelash business as soon as possible.

The document states that the FWS requires that those who operate mink eyelash products commercially must obtain a wildlife management license and an electronic license. This is very simple. You can obtain an electronic business license by paying $ 100 and registering.

Non Elicense operation:

If you have enough orders this time, you can prove and let FWS believe that you are for non-business use, or you can prove and let FWS believe that your order is non-animal hair, then you can get your order as soon as possible without paying 100 US dollars or apply for a wildlife license.

Elicense Operation:

For mink hair orders for commercial purposes, you must first obtain an Elicense for wildlife, you can log in and declare on the FWS website, and obtain an electronic license after payment.

When your order is detained, the local UPS will remind you to find your shipper and provide a correct invoice made according to the new FWS document requirements, (record the classification and genus of wildlife, order amount and item list, There is also an airwaybill number), you need to notify your shipper to submit to UPS Ms Ormerod Kristen!

When you get the Elicense, please notify Kristen by phone or email immediately, and report the ups tracking number of your order. Kristen will declare the contents of your order invoice and give you the early release.

It is said that the declaration of a one-year-old wild animal license needs to be paid US $ 100 to the US federal, and US $ 118 is also required to be paid for FWS and UPS. The FWS document only mentions the payment of the declaration, and does not specify the method and frequency of payment. Therefore, it is still unclear whether it is US $ 118 for each shipping batch, or whether it is US $ 118 that was spot-checked, or it is the same as the electronic license, and the annual fee is valid annually. Let us wait and see.

Guess that if you pay $ 118 each time, the price of eyelashes in the United States will skyrocket, and many semi-professional employees in this industry will be eliminated, which will have a great impact on this industry!

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