How to get your own eyelash style?

How to get your own eyelash style?

No design team, products easy be imitate, difficult to hold your unique eyelash long and competitive!

If you are owner of an eyelash brand, you really want to have your own style, and want to be the only one,this is obviously certain.What could be more attractive than a unique style eyelash? But, you know, it’s difficult, it’s hard to make a good design, not everyone is an artist.Seldom suppliers will design eyelash styles for you, as most suppliers and factories do not have the ability to do so. Finally, even if one of the vendors designs the style for you, he says, “this is yours alone.” When the style succeeds, you’ll find  that nearly within a month everyone seems to be sell the same eyelashes. I’m not saying that your supplier doesn’t keep secrets for you, although sometimes it does. What’s more, most of the eyelash brands, though lacking in innovation, are excellent in imitation. Then how to get your own eyelash style?

If you can sell 200 pairs/month, Aupreslashes can design one unique styles for you!

So, is it really so hard to hold a unique eyelash style? I tell  you, no, at least not for you after read this article. Because you saw this article is from the most professional eyelash supplier -AugresLashes. It’s obvious that Augres Lashes was able to customize the style for you, as one 10 years experienced lash manufacturer,we had the most professional design team and excellent eyelash style chief designer OSCAR. Suppose that you really owned this exclusive style eyelash, you’re sure to sell 200 pairs a month, right? This is the clause from Augre Lahses, if you guarantee to order 200 pairs of customized styles per month, and Augres Lashes can guarantee that this customized style is exclusive to you within one year,then, AugresLashes will automatically continue the contract next year.

Your style is not easy be imitated!

I think next thing you worry about plagiarism, don’t worry,the eyelashes of AugresLashes were all hand-laid by the workers, which was not so easy to copy. I can tell you, even if we spread the eyelash design, no one will be able to understand our design. The eyelashes made by AugresLashes are quite professional. Finally, I want to tell you that if you can customized your design and keep it a secret, you are great. To show my respect,when you ordered 200 pairs of eyelashes in any style at AugresLashes, we will offer you protection for your own eyelash style unconditionally. It’s easy to copy eyelash styles, but remember that no one could copy the quality of AugresLashes. If you want to get your own exclusive eyelash style, please call Augres  who provid Augres Lashes’ exclusive customer service.


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