How to maintain your mink false eyelash?

How to maintain your mink false eyelash?

Aupres lashes, world famous eyelashes manufacturer, credible lash vendor, wholesale all luxurious eyelashes worldwide. Aupres lashes not only with best quality but also long time reusable, usually we use it 25 times with proper care. Newest reflection from Fiji, one Aupres lashes die-hard fan said she used 57 times, this is really a miracle, it is not normal states, but this indicated that our mink lash really with best quality on the other side.

Like clothing, longtime use we must get it well maintain, this is not only to prolong its life-span, but also clear and clean it, to avoid dust or germs to you’re your eye and skins.

Nowadays, with development of network, most individual and small lash vendor became our clients, they are attracted by our best quality and longtime using periods, so we now give you some advises for how to maintain your eyelashes,

Our products belong to high-end luxury goods, each hair is carefully selected, after high-tech processing. In order to make each pair of eyelashes realistic and natural, each hair has hair tips.

Due to the length limitation of mink hair, we can not make it like chemical fiber, which can make long as you like and you can use hand tie hair on the eyeliner, mink hair’s length determines that the mink eyelashes have to use other process to paste hair on the eyeliner. Animal hair surface has grease, glue is difficult to penetrate it, Aupres lashes experienced many times test, designated glue from USA, which was researched and patented by xiaolong sun, a postdoctoral from America. Our glue is healthy, odorless, soft and durable. But even so, because mink hair is sticky, not to tear hair, not to rub hair roots, selected Aupres mink eyelashes must be attached with good glue. The best eyelash glue is DUO. You can also use the glue selected by us.

Took the eyelash from the workbench, we have let workers reserved a excessive thread end, you only use tweezers to clamp the redundant eyeliner, gently remove, cut the spare parts, cutting the place try to choose a gap when cutting, don’t choose where the hair more disorderly cut, more than in the hair cut, there are some hair also follow lost, this is normal phenomenon.Don’t worry too much.The rest of the hair is still firm.It doesn’t affect the effect.

When eyelash is taken off, should use good discharge glue fluid, the glue that remains in root of eyelash of sable hair eyelash swabs gently, cannot rub forcibly!Do not tear!

When eyelash is taken off, must put original hold on by all means, maintain eyeliner soft, the shape is bent, cannot throw casually.

Dear users, the more expensive things to take good care of, cherish, to use for a long time.If you do not love him, he will not love you.

Just like silk clothes, Rolls-Royce cars, you have to be careful to use them to get better and better.More and more value.



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