How To Make Big Money On Eyelash Business?

How To Make Big Money On  Eyelash Business?

Who Care This?

Do you want to have your own lash line? Do you want to know how to create your own 3D mink eyelash brand? Below we will show you how to create your own eyelash brand. Now you are lucky enough have chance read this helpful blog, and  we can help you start your own wholesale mink eyelashes business.Aupres Lashes Wholesale Eyelash Vendors has help thousands US ladies created their own lash brand line, help them make great profits, throgh the following real story,you can find  How To Make Big Money On  Eyelash Business?   And also you can find how to do can you earn Huge profits.

25mm Mink Lashes


Make Sure You Really Love Make Up And Mink Lashes Before Investment

Jessica is a black girl, tall and sweet, she love eyelashes very much!

Jessicia make up photo with 25mm lashes 

Affected by her mother, she start self-taught makeup lessons from high school. Each time she finished her makeup, she posted her own makeup post on Instagram, slowly accumulating thousands of beauty fans.

At the same time, Jessica also designed the longer part of the recorded make-up video and video with Eyelashes, posted it on Youtube, established her own dedicated beauty channel, and also obtained many channel subscribers.Supper beauty photos, Jessica also post them to her Pinterest account, and also has her own fan base on Pinterest.

Wholesale Mink Lashes 

How To Find A Great Lash Vendor From Internat?

After graduating from high school and entering college, Jessica know she should make money by selling Mink Lashes! Then she started looking for Wholesale lash Vendors. She searched Mink Lash Vendors on Google, and Jessica found her best eyelash vendors partner: Aupres Lashes with website

Jessica is very satisfied with the Aupreslashes webpage. The webpage is divided into 16mm eyelashes, 20mm eyelashes, 22mm eyelashes, and 25mm lashes according to the length size of the eyelashes. It is very easy to query, and there are single closer photos of eyelashes for each lash styles. These photos are taken in a very professional way, expressing the unique characteristics of each eyelash very clearly.

In addition, many professional bloggers also subdivide all different length size eyelashes of according to natural style, whispy style, and curl style.

This is a great help to Jessica, she never get this She never knew that eyelashes can be classified in this way. Through this classification method, she can easily select the eyelash styles she needs. These styles are the most characteristic of similar products. The key is that Jesscia knows how to introduce these eyelash styles to her clients, so that her clients feel that she is very knowledgeable, professional and trustworthy! Jessica knows that she has selected a great and reliable Mink Lash Vendors.

Jessica also browsed the Custom Eyelashes Boxes blog of Aupres Lashes, and found that Aupres Lashes also provides one-to-one custom eyelash box packaging service, which includes 150 models of Lash Packaging Boxes of different colors and shapes. Many of the Custom Lash Packaging Box models are recently launched by AupresLashes, which are very beautiful It is unique and can attract the eyes of customers, which is very important for the promotion of eyelashes!!! Aupres Lashes can customize the unique Custom Lash Cases according to the customer’s requirements, and can assist in the logo design and production of the eyelashes packaging box within 5 days, which makes Jessica confident about the cooperation with Aupres Lashes!

How To Get Low Price By Becoming Supper Vip? 

Therefore, Jessica contacted Mr. Yang, the sales supervisor of Aupres Lashes through the WhatApp plug-in on the page. Through the their communacations, Jessica knew that Aupres Lashes quoted through WhatsApp and settled through PayPal.

Jessica knew she can get much favorable discount by becoming Vip customer,   Aupres Lashes support bulk order, detail policy is customers can get  get 8% discount for orders of US $300, 10% discount for orders of US $500, and even greater discount Vip customer, who order more than US $1,000 each order, or 2000$ each month.
Jessica and Mr. Yang multly agreed an ordering plan through a week’s communation. Jessica should to place every order  not less than $ 1800, Aupres Lashes guarantee that the price of each set of eyelashes (a pair of eyelashes + a custom packaging box) does not exceed $6, and get priority supply rights, including priority supply when the box and eyelashes are in short supply, priority delivery!

Jessica understands that she has made her purchase price very low. Most consumer only orders the eyelash box packaging at a minimum order quantity. Then their average price including shipping costs is about $ 8 per set of eyelashes (eyelash + logo box). Jessica get this low price only because she became supper vip client, because she place order in large quantities, she got ultra-low prices coming from her big inventery, which will have a great advantage in market competition, and of cource can get profits will be even greater.

 How To Sell Lashes In High Price ?

Exquisite and high-end packaging, can raise your high-quality eyelashes to a higher purchase price! According to authoritative statistics, 60% of eyelash customers will not complain about the high price . As long as your eyelashes are of good quality and beautiful packaging, they will be happy to buy them. If your eyelash brand has a certain reputation, it can also increase your sales price!


Jessica try to order different shape and different styles Custom Lash Box  every order,  constantly update your packaging to make her eyelash brand on the forefront of fashion, this has greatly inspire customer appreciation and loyalty to your eyelash brand, of course her mink lahses sells in a very good price!

Diversified packaging can make your brand attract more customers of different ages. Diversified customer groups are the foundation of your eyelash business success.

How To Sell Lashes Quickly?

Jessica began ordering from Aupreslashes in March 2019. In the first two months, the order was for 1,800 US dollars and 300 sets of eyelashes, which doubled in June. 600 eyelashes per month, and US $ 3,600 orders, starting in September 900 sets of eyelashes per month.
Jessica herself said here eyelash business very easy. With the high end quality mink lashes, she do more makeup videos and photos, posted them on social media platform like Instagram, Youtube, and Pinterest, and also gains more loyal fans form these socia media, she sales her mink lashes very quickly, because the eyelashes she sells are exactly the products that customers need, and Google search in At the same time she met the customer’s requirements, she gave her a powerful promotion for free! This gave Jessica more sales site views and purchases.
Jessica said that she sells eyelashes at the price of $ 12. In addition to selling on traditional discount days to attract new consumers, she also occasionally does some discount promotions on Friday, but the discount is not great. The profit from selling eyelashes is very substantial!
Now that Jessica has formed her own small brand, many new customers have entered her shopping website by searching for the brand name. Jessica is also satisfied with her decision and thanks to Aupreslashes!
Those viewers, do you want to know how much Jessica makes through eyelashes? Calculate it yourself, and you can imagine that Jessica and her brand still have a lot of room for growth, and the future profits will be more!

How To Protect Lash Brand By Say No To Grunge eyelashes ?

Jessica is very upset now. Her trouble comes from the telemarketing of other Eyelash vendors. Many eyelash suppliers provided her $ 1.70 of eyelashes, and she refused without hesitation.

Jessica said to Yang: I know the quality of the eyelashes of those suppliers is not good and the quality is unstable. I am using Aupres Lashes. The quality of the eyelashes is very good. The customer is satisfied. My profit margin is also good. Trash eyelashes to fool my loyal customers, I only work with Aupreslashes!

How Much Jessica Earn Each Month Now?

Lets do a math, Jessica get 2 orders each month, thats over 600 pairs lashes and boxes, each can make at least $8 profits, that means she can earn 4800$ each month, thats awsome, rihgt ?  suppose the same 600 sets order, She earn 1200$ more than the customers who place order with small amount, Thats amazing results.  

Every body knows that huge order, super vip customers can get special treatment, low price and fast shipping, The scale of procurement reduces procurement costs and enhances market competitiveness. If you want to expand your eyelash brand, please consult with Aupres Lashes sales specialists, we will give you enough support to make you big money!


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