How To Paste False Mink Eyelashes?

How To Paste False Mink Eyelashes?


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The First Method Is Quick And Easy Vice Stick Method:

Step1: Firstly, take a look at the length of false mink eyelashes, false mink eyelashes medial alignment within the corner of the eye after 4-5 mm, do not have the inner corner, the overall is slightly longer than their eyes, cut off the excess part, and then coated with glue blown to the semi-dry state.

Step2: Pinch the ends of the fake lashes and push it gently to make it bend properly and increase the curvature so as to better fit the eyes.

Step3: Clamp the whole pair of false mink eyelashes with tweezers and find the center of the eye. Stick the false mink eyelashes and stick to the bottom of eyelashes first, then adjust the inner corners. Next, gently push your lashes with your fingers so that it fits snugly.

Step4: Finally, use black eyeliner to fill the connection of false mink eyelashes, to achieve real makeup effects.

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The Second Method Of Natural Local Sticky:

Step 1: The 3-stage clip method, with the eyelash curler from the roots of eyelashes, clip to the end of eyelashes, to ensure that the entire root eyelashes must be caught. Note that the roots do not folder too Alice, false mink eyelashes will not stick well.

Step 2: false mink eyelashes are cut at intervals of about 5-6 mm, and the part near the end of the eye can be slightly longer and the part of the eye slightly shorter.

Step 3: Starting from the end of the eye, about 2-3 mm away from the corner of the eye start sticking, thumb up holding tweezers, alignment, eyelash lashes inward grip, keep a few seconds after the eyelashes on a steady sticky Go up

Step 4: The last paragraph toward the head of the sticky eyelash left eyelashes.If there is no real lashes layered, no need to apply mascara. If the real eyelashes layered, you can use mascara to really fake eyelashes brush together.

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