How To Properly Remove And Maintain Your Eyelashes?

How To Properly Remove And Maintain Aupres Eyelashes?

You need to remove your eyelashes before going to bed. Incorrect ways will damage your eyelashes, deform the stalks of the Eyelashes, make the eyelashes fall off, fail to achieve the effect of repeated use, and remove the eyelashes improperly will make your upper eyelids Swelling, natural eyelashes fall off, affecting health.

How to remove false eyelashes? How to remove false eyelashes correctly? Aupres Lash Vendors  will answer your question.

Eyelash Vendors

1 Use a cotton swab with an appropriate amount of cleansing oil to wipe the roots of the eyelashes. The cleansing oil will dissolve the glue and make the glue soft, and the eyelashes will separate from the eyelids. Carefully wipe off the glue of the false eyelashes before the eyelashes are picked.


2 The roots of the false eyelashes wiped off with makeup remover will fall off on their own after a few minutes. Therefore, when removing the false eyelashes, please do not forcibly tear off the false eyelashes stuck to the eyelids, as this will cause your original eyelashes to be Tear off. For a long time, tearing off the false eyelashes forcefully will make the eyelids loose or even droop.

Lash Vendors

3 After removing the false eyelashes, re-apply the cleansing oil on the eyelids where the eyelashes are pasted to dissolve the glue left on the eyelids, and then wipe them clean, so that the eyes are protected.

Mink Lash Vendors

4 Use tweezers to remove the glue residue left on the eyelashes, wipe the eyelash stalk with dry cotton wool, wipe it clean and place it on the eyelash holder, and put it into the custom eyelash packaging box to isolate dust and moisture. Such well-protected eyelashes can increase the number of repeated uses from 25 to 30 times. Do you think it is cost-effective?


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