How To Place A Sample Order To Aupres Lashes?

How To Place A Sample Order To Aupres Lashes?

Aupres Lashes is a  3D mink lash industrial trading company, a lash manufacturer, wholesale lash vendor.

There are 5 categories, more than 70 popular styles. We choose 12 styles popular styles for new lash vendors choose from.

DM03 20mm mink lashes $5.5/pair

eyelash vendors  mink lashes wholesale

3D41 3D mink lashes $5.0/pair

lash vendors   wholesale mink lashes

3D22C mink lashes $5.0/pair

mink eyelash vendors  eyelash vendors usa

We are China based lash vendors, most of our customers are from USA, shipping to USA $25, so we do not suggest free samples, our 3D

mink lashes are with great quality, a pair of free sample eyelash you have to pay $25,  it’s a waste of money.

Suggest you take an order more than 8 pairs, then every mink lash share only $3 of shipping cost, you can get every mink lashes at home with

cost not more than $9, believe your eyesight and believe our eyelashes’ best quality, save money and save time.


DC98 15mm mink lashes $4/pair

mink lash vendors lash vendors wholesale

DC66 15mm mink lashes $4/pair

mink lash vendors wholesale  mink lashes vendors

25mm   strip Lashes DH003 $8/pair

25mm mink strip lashes eyelash vendors wholesale

25mm strip Lashes DH007 $8/pair

eyelash manufacturer mink lashes vendor

25mm  lashes DH013

                                              wholesale lash vendor  wholesale mink eyelashes

20mm DM05 mink lashes $8/pair

3d mink eyelash vendors  eyelash vendor

DM03 20mm mink lashes $5.50/pair

mink lash vendor wholesale mink lash vendors

DC104 15mm mink lashes $4/pair

mink eyelash vendors wholesale lashes vendors

DN09 22mm mink strip lashes $4/pair


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