How to start lash line to make profits?

How to start lash line to make profits?

First of all, we must choose hot-selling styles. Hot-selling styles represent fashion, easy to sell, and high prices.

Aupres lashes best sells styles 2019


3D13 16mm 3D mink lashes


DM10 20mm mink lashes


DC98  15mm 3D mink lashes


Secondly, choose to buy high-quality products, high-quality products can bring good experience to customers,  ONLY

WHEN the customer get best  experiences, they can  repeatedly placing orders to you.


3D98 mink lashes



DN09 22mm mink strip lashes

Aupres lashes eyelashes with high quality mink tail lashes, purely artificial, eyelash bands soft, lightweit, easy to apply, very popular with customers

The third is to buy unique products and find irreplaceable products for distribution.

DM06 20mm mink lashes



20mm DM05 mink lashes



25mm mink strip lashes  DH013


Aupres lashes 20mm eyelashes and 25mm eyelashes, pure physical method to make the eyelashes bend, lightweight, with special production technology, can only be imitation is irreplaceable, customers like it at first sight, once purchased, other eyelashes can not catch into light, become A loyal fan of your brand, with such a customer base, how can you not make money?

Fourth: Remember, order a couple of eyelash styles,  every styles at least 10 pairs, distribute the mink lashes as soon as possible, carefully service your customers, get the feedback from customers in a very short time.

Only 2 months you can set up  a stable customer group, and make a stable profits, when you get a chance,  enlarge your lash line, make more profits.

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