How To Start Your Lash Line With 200 Dollars?

How To Start Your  Lash Line With 200$

Start your mink strip lashes business with 200 dollars? When you see this topic, maybe you are surprised with it, you think its  a crazy topic, right?

Wow how can it be? International business with only 200 dollars, is it a joke?

No, as a famous mink lash manufacturer, a 3d Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendors

Aupres Lashes  tell you for sure, it is not a joke, its true, and i will give you a  perfect solution with lashes and packaging!

” How much to start up (mink strip lashes line)estimated?

How much is shipping to US?

I also need beautiful Eyelash Packaging Box  to support my business, my preliminary budget 200$, can do a little more,

can you help me?

By the way, i like natural eyelashes ? 

This  email messages sent from American,  by Ms Dayanee Hernandez, i am very glad to receive this message,  i replied her in a short time,

Following is the perfect solution for her, she did placed order and got very good rewards thereafter.

Now more and more American ladies are try start up their lash lines, Aupres Lashes, Mink Lash Vendors Usa ,  we received hundreds of this massages every  day, considering this has a pervasive sense,  here i give some of my opinions to all, wish that would  help you.

Hello dear Dayanee Hernadez

If you are starting your eyelashes business, 225 usds  enough.

following are the natural lash styles i recommend for you, these lashes are best sellers



Lash Vendors Mink

Vendor For Lashes

Vendors For Mink Lashes

Vendors For Mink Lashes

Lash Wholesale

10 of each for these 5 natural eyelash styles, they costs only 200$

There is a great policy, when you order 50 pairs lashes, you can get these paper box Free Charge!  So you can take any paper box from this catalog.

Shipping costs 25$ basically, total 225$ you can get 50 pairs mink lashes and 50 pcs natual lashes!

You can start with these 50 pairs lashes to enlarge your Eyelash business, low inventory you can get these high qualty mink lashes with beautiful packaging boxes,

when you make prifits, you can order 100 pairs, then we can Custom Lash Packaging Box for you, we print your logo onto these boxes, same Free Charge!

Yang  From Aupres Lashes

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