How To Start Your Own Lash Brand +Find Lash Vendors?

How To Start Your Own Lash Brand +Find Lash Vendors?

1. Make sure you love make up, you love sell lashes, then you can do your lash brand with passion all the time! 
Be sure when you start your lash business because you are  make up , you love make up, you know lashes, when you get mink lashes from your wholesale lash vendors, you can adjust how good or how bad the lash quality were, and when you meet good mink lashes, you should know that was good lashes, and how good they are, so when you sell it, you can introducing the informations to your customers  .

2.Find a lash vendor, testing your sample lashes before bulk order, make sure you are getting best quality and bom lash styles

You need to find a good wholesale lash vendors before you start bulk order! No body like to recommend a good lash vendor because she has spent money take samples and trail and tribulations in order to find a right lash vendors. Best way is to Google “Eyelash Vendors” or “Wholesale Mink Lashes” , then you can find some lash vendors website,  you will find a bunch of different people, visit to their website, communicate with them by WhatsApp, negociate lash numbers and price, etc!!

3. Create your lash brand and make perfect logo 

Make a beautiful logo and create your lash brand, ask your lash vendors to custom lash boxes for you, with help of custom lash boxes, you can sell your lashes quickly!


4. Create your social media, sell your lashes to your supporters as far as you can!

Socia media is the best way to sell mink lashes, you can manage your instagram account, facebook account and Youtube account, shopfy account, then you can find soo many customers coming around all the country, your market was never like for the people around you, it was always for people outside, endless market for you!


5. Make thanks card, write on coupon code, get good feedbacks and repeat orders.

Lash business is a slow growing business, so you  just keep going, when your business  get slow, but don’t let that bother you, your business will pick up almost well. Some very important after sale works, like thanks card which is print thanks words and brief introduction of your company or brand, also write on coupon code, give you customers discount for next order and get their feedbacks, backside you can print how to apply mink lashes, thus slowly you get your loyal customers, your business will get biger and biger, make much money!


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