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Magic Custom Lash Box Transparent Rectangle Box Show 

Magic Custom Lash Box Transparent Rectangle Box Show

The transparent rectangular acrylic mink hair packaging box is a very popular packaging box for aupreslashes, mainly because aupreslashes printing machinery is very good, can print a variety of colors and patterns of logos, giving customers a very comfortable visual enjoyment



This logo with eyes and artistic fonts can allow customers to see mink lashes, but also enjoy artistic infection, so that customers can feel that you are a well-educated wholesaler, willing to buy eyelashes from you



This eyelash packaging box with butterflies in the background makes customers feel the harmony between human and nature. The lightness of butterflies reminds customers of the ease of eyelashes. It feels very good. The business of e-commerce starts from attracting eyeballs. You attract customers. To attract her to buy eyelashes

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