Mink Eyelashes Are The Most Important Part Of Eye Makeup

Mink Eyelashes Are The Most Important Part Of Eye Makeup

Do you know if you want to create a different eye makeup effect, mink eyelashes is a good choice. The same eyeliner, eye shadow, as long as the paste on a different mink eyelashes, you can create a variety makeup. Paste mink eyelashes and not so difficult, 5 minutes can be posted charm of the big eyes, Editor will teach you how to draw mink eyelashes.

Automatic eyebrow pencil with a gentle feeling of use and excellent persistence performance appropriate color and natural make-up effect.

Inspired by the gradient of light brown and different light colors, is to create three-dimensional eye shadow composite eye shadow 4 color combination. Highlights, shades of color, respectively, by the three gradient composition, then you can more enjoy the charm of light and shadow.

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Eye Shadow And Eye Line Painting Method Before Mink Eyelashes Paste

If you want 5 minutes to finish eye makeup, it is necessary to focus on the mink eyelashes, as far as possible weakened eyeliner, eyeliner gently depict it, eye shadow also weaken.

The first step, first with the eyeliner from the eyes to the end of the eye, draw an eyeliner, slightly upturned eye tail on it, and then brush mascara.

The second step, use earth color eye shadow, fill the eye socket with high light first, and then fill the eyelid folds with brown, eye makeup is completed, to this step only two minutes.

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Wild Natural Makeup Mink Eyelashes Paste Method

The first makeup is wild natural makeup sense, suitable for any occasion, the choice of mink eyelashes can choose natural paragraph transparent stem mink eyelashes, transparent stem mink eyelashes can create a very natural effect.

This mink eyelashes moderate density, no exaggeration, you can naturally blend with their own eyelashes, any occasion are suitable. Compare with your own eye shape first, if the stem is too long, you can use a pair of scissors to cut off, and then brush the false eyelash glue, a thin layer of brush just fine.

And then along the roots of eyelashes, from the eyes to the end of the eye began to paste, after the sticky and other mink eyelashes dry mascara after brushing, so that mink eyelashes with their eyelashes a better fusion of this natural fresh eye makeup is completed La!

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Japanese Innocent Drooping Eye Makeup Mink Eyelashes Paste Method

The second paragraph is the makeup of Japanese innocent droop eye makeup, mink eyelashes choose to use the end of the eye lengthened, and a little stick out the end of the eye, so there is a cute feeling.

Eye lashes slightly sparse, focus on the end of the eye dense, and longer, with this mink eyelashes, eyes immediately become particularly cute, is to play tender essential to sell Meng models!

If you choose the end of the eyelashes longer mink eyelashes, the lower lashes must also be better with a more natural, choose a lower eyelashes, cut one-third down, highlighting the end of the eye on it, the location of stickers can be slightly out of their eyelashes A little, as shown, it looks bigger eyes.

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Nightclub Party Queen Makeup Eyelashes Paste Method

The third eye makeup is run Party, Party Queen must-have makeup, choose a thick exaggerated eyelashes, and eye shadow metal will be strengthened, the entire eye makeup can highlight the feeling of charm, the gas field is also stronger!

Thick mink eyelashes should be noted before the paste, the first false eyelash back and forth a few times to bend, let it be gentle with the eye-shaped fit more perfect, this eye makeup can be slightly prominent eye shadow metal color, and the eye liner lengthen Go out, a sense of charm came out.

Aupres Lashes

Finally, makeup remover is actually a strength to live, if life rip down will not only hurt the eyes, the skin will be relaxed. The best way is to use a cotton swab dipped in eye and lip remover, first repeatedly applied at the mink eyelashes, and other glue to gently melt down, you can proceed to the next remover.

Mink eyelashes, the natural length, slender, these can be made by handmade charm mink eyelashes easily achieved. Each one of the eyelashes style and design are perfect, so the effect is also excellent.

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