Aupres Lashes is one of biggest manufacturer and vendors for mink lashes  in China which is founded for 15years. We have two strip mink eyelashes factories with about 300 workers, We have 100,000 pairs mink eyelashes in stock, All are ready to ship; We support sample order before bulk. So our  customers could test out best styles for brand.

Only  45$ Mix 16mm SAMPLES PACK1

Including 5 Pairs  Popular Mink Lashes and including Shipping Costs to USA

Detail: 1 pairs-DW09,1 pairs-DW18, 1 pairs-DW22, 1 pairs-DW41, 1 pairs-DW102


Only $52 Mix 16mm&20mm SAMPLES PACK 2

 Including 5 Pairs Popular Mink Lashes and including Shipping Costs to USA

Detail: 1 Pairs-DW18,1 Pairs-DW22,1 Pairs-DW65, 1 pairs-DX02,1 pairs-DX14

Only $52 Mix 16mm&20mm&22mm&25mm SAMPLES PACK 3

 Including 5 Pairs Popular Mink Lashes and including Shipping Costs to USA

Detail: 1 pairs-DW22,1 pairs-DX02, 1 pairs-7D03, 1 pairs-DN02, 1 pairs-DY004

Only $52 Mix 25mm SAMPLE PACKS4

 Including 5 Pairs Popular Mink Lashes and including Shipping Costs to USA

Detail: 1 Pairs-DY001,1 Pairs-DY004,1 Pairs-DY007, 1 pairs-DY008,1 pairs-DY020

25mm Siberian Mink Lashes Wholesale


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