Star Up Eyelash Line business Story

Star Up Eyelash Line business Story

We are lash manufacturer, wholesale lash vendors,we produce mink lashes and wholesale mink lashes. The consumption of mink lashes is in the United States. We cannot establish our own mink lash brand in the United States because of various factors, so we are through email marketing and media marketing sell ​​our premium mink lashes.

I was in contact with VRO because i saw a video of her with 3 eyelash contrasts in the YouTube by her INS connection. She had a short makeup tutorial and a makeup process to confirm that she had an understanding of the mink lashes and that it was very natural to face the camera. To establish a marketing channel through YouTube, it is very simple for her, she is my target customer, I said to myself.

Through Instagram negotiating, VRO was built a very strong confidence in our mink lashes. She knows mink lashes, so by observing the pictures we posted on the INS and the videos posted on the Youtube, she knew very easily the quality of our products is reliable, but how do you choose a style?

The choice of style is naturally right of lash vendors, as Wholesale False Eyelashes Supplier, every day face daily orders,  we know which style is a hot sale, summed up is the best seller, VRO  selected  2 styles from my hot sale list, then she chose one of her own, a total of three models, 3D22C, DM07 and DM10, gave them the local name of the United States, and promoted sales through INS.

Let’s summarize her shopping list. The two 20mm mink strip lashes models are 10 each, $110,  3D22C,10 pieces, $50, LOGO $10, 30 acrylic transparent boxes for $30, shipping costs $30, and two Other styles of mink lashes and 2 boxes, the total cost is $ 235.

When VRO purchases mink lashes, the company already has a preferential policy. Once you purchase more than 60 eyelash products, you can get 60 free transparent acrylic box. This policy is very powerful. First, when the case is equipped with a mini Logo sticker, the beautiful mink lashes can be saw very clear, the customers like it very much, and a transparent box can solve the problem of personalized packaging. The transparent box can be free, which is equivalent to saving $2.50 for each pair of mink lashes, and the cost of mink lashes to the United States is less than $7, the packaging ratio is as high as 30%. With this removed, the customer has a very good competitive advantage, I give VRO The policy is to buy more than 60 pieces of acrylic packaging for free, and 10 US dollars can use 250 mini Logo stickers, so that you can continue to use.

Faster than I expected, the VRO sold it easily on the INS in less than two weeks without a customer base, and the customer feedback was very good. They sent to ARO very their proud picture of the mink lashes.

On February 14th, VRO re-booked the mink lashes. She enlarged her lash line,with the original 3D22C, DM07, and DM10 each had 10 pairs. She also ordered three models, DM02, DM5 and 3D62. The same like before, new American native name was given to the three mink lashes. We  make all the works for her, putting gold glitter, put on mini logo stickers .

Cost for her models of DM series, each pair of 10 pairs, total cost 220 US dollars, 3D series 2 models, 10 models each, 100 US dollars, plus 2 mink lashes gifts, shipping costs 40 US dollars total 370 US dollars. Because she has accumulated more than 60 sales, so the 30 dollars for 30 cases fee can be returned to her. She pays $340 directly.

As of today, VRO’s mink lashes have been sent out and will soon reach her hand. The quality of our mink lashes is very good. With this eyelash support of perfect quality mink lashes, she is sure to achieve greater success.

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