Super Natural 12mm Eyelashes For Well Educated White Ladies


Super Natural 12mm Eyelashes For Well Educated White Ladies

Writen By: Uncle Yang on Dec.14.

In the United States, whites and yellow races account for 84% of the American population. They are users of natural short eyelashes. The 12mm Super Natural Eyelashes have a good market. Eyelash Vendors Aupres Lashes has never stopped researching these super natural eyelashes. Recently, it has launched 12 varieties of short eyelash styles. Let’s take a look.

Eyelash Vendors

We know that well-educated white and yellow races admire short Mink Eyelashes similar to Baby Lash. Soft, delicate, shiny and well-made eyelashes have become their competition. Let’s take a look at the eyelashes. The hair of these eyelashes is very thin, and it will flutter when you encounter a little wind, like the wings of a butterfly, it is realistic and luxurious, the workmanship is very high-end, very luxurious, low-key, hidden eyelashes are truly luxurious!

Aupre Lash Vendors


Observe the photo carefully, you can feel that these 3D Mink Lashes are as delicate and smooth as baby eyelashes. The eyelash stalks are very thin and light.Each individual synthetic fiber is tapered off at the end for a realistic finish akin to the look of natural eyelashes. After these eyelashes are taped, you can’t feel the weight at all. The experience must be great! Naturally, you can wear it on any occasion. The slender eyelashes are very charming. Blinking and blinking eyes can charm a large group of young boys! Aupres Mink Lash Vendors only produce fine eyelashes!

Mink Lash Vendors

These eyelashes are hand-made by experienced master craftsmen. They are made of soft and slender mink hair. They are high-end eyelashes that can definitely stand the test of picky whites! It can be reused more than 25 times! Aupres  Wholesale Mink Lashes  maintenance is very simple. After every 6 times, you need to clean the mascara on the eyelashes, as well as the glue on the eyelash stems, soak the shampoo in water for 10 minutes, then remove the accumulated impurities and absorb with a paper towel. It can be reused after losing the moisture and letting it dry naturally!

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