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How To Get More Discount From Wholesale Eyelash Vendors?

How To Get More Discount From Wholesale Eyelash Vendors?

Aupres Lashes is Professional Mink Lashes Manufacturer. We have successfully helped many girls start their own Eyelash Business in USA .Today I will tell you some tips and tricks to get favorable discount from besides the wholesale price of Custom Eyelash Packaging with mink lashes from Wholesale Lash Vendors Aupres Lashes .

25mm Lashes 

How To Get the Best Wholesale Price From Lash Vendors?
Big order always get favorable discount from Wholesale Eyelash Vendors. You could ask discount policy from your Mink Eyelash Vendors. Please be guaranted that good only quality mink lashes can win more customers but poor quality false eyelashes will let you lost customers. Ask reviews from your Lashes Vendors to make sure the quality can be loved buy your future customers.

False  Eyelash Vendors

In the United States of America,the good quality mink lashes is 15-25$ for retail price. So you can get the wholesael price should below 10$. Aupres Lashes is professional great quality Mink Lashes Manufacturer. We always focus on high quality lashes producing and updating, we must promise the mink lash quality for our customers, Wholesale Mink Lashes price is 3.5-5.5$, We will give you the best discount depends upon your order quantity. More details please contact our WhatsApp+8615318782783

Lash  Vendors

What’s The MOQ for Custom Eyelash Packaging With Mink Lashes ?
Please pay attention to MOQ , if you do not want in Big Quantity. Small MOQ will hold you small Money, so you can let you lash business running easily . Aupres Lashes have stock more 300 different Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes, These Eyelash Packaging is updated in very popular . We have professionl printing machine ,can print your logo in this Custom Eyelash Boxes. Minimum Order Quantity only 30 pcs. Free and professional designer team service to you and make your custom lash boxes in pretty.

Custom Lash Box

What will be disoucnt rate?
According to our policy, over 50 pairs lashes and 50 pieces custom lash box, you can get 5% discount, the discount rate will increase upon order quantity, max 10% discount, you can save 100$ more when you order volume over 1000$, that will be very great price, you are getting an offensive price, you can beat any compentator on the market, and make your own profits.

 Mink Lash Vendors

Accumulate discount for the ambitious entrepreneur
If you are start your lash business and you are confidence to do your lash business very well, anther discount solution maybe fit you, you can ask for accumulate discount, that means when you have ordered 1000$ volume lashes and packaging, you can ask for total discount from Aupres Lashes, this discount rate will 2% lower than the normal discount way, but any how that means we Aupres Lashes always support you promote your eyelash business well!

Mink Lashes Manufacturer

Event discount for the regular customers
In general, we have several discount event Day, such as Tax Refound Shopping Day( Fab 25- 3rd March), China 11th November Shopping Day(Nov 8-13th), Western Black Friday Shopping Day(Nov,25-27th), Christmas Shopping Day(Dec.22-24th), event day discount will reach max 8% discount, this is much favor, many regular customers restock eyelashes on these days, to save more money depends upon the company policy.

Wholesale Lash Vendors

Bundle Hairs & Mink Lashes Catalogs

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Catalogue Click>>>Wholesale Virgin Hair

Packaging Catalogs And Lash Tools 

Catalogue Click >>> Custom Lash Boxes

Catalogue Click >>>  Lash Glue

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Catalogue Click >>>  Eyeliner Glue Pen


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What Is 5D Mink Lashes?

Eyelash Vendors Wholesale USA Wholesale Mink Lashes And Packaging

What Is 5D Mink Lashes?

If you learn the history of false eyelashes, you will find that the number of grafted eyelashes that can be planted is limited, and the length of planted eyelashes is also limited. While people continue to use eyelashes, they start to use strip lashes to get longer, thicker and more warped. When she wears these thick comedic eyelashes, she is always the center of the spotlight, no matter where she goes.

The individual eyelashes are called 2D eyelashes, the traditional 16mm eyelashes are called 3D eyelashes, and the 25mm eyelashes are called 5D eyelashes.

Mink Eyelash Vendors 

5D eyelashes can have many layers, the thickest column of this eyelash has 8 layers

Wholesale Mink Lashes

Mink Eyelash Vendors  divided 5D eyelashes into several types according to the type of eyelashes. There are natural styles, wispy styles, and comedy styles. Each style will bring you a different beautiful experience. You can choose different models according to your preferences.

Wholesale Lash Vendors

Wholesale Lash Vendors have already made different curvatures for these eyelashes, and then set these curvatures. With this eyelash, you don’t need to use a  brush and mascara to make your own curvature, just take care of the eyelashes you like, keep the eyelashes in this curvature, don’t deform, so you can save a lot of time。




25mm  Lashes

Aupres Lashes is a Mink Eyelash Vendors and Eyelash Manufacturer from China. We specialized in handcrafted 3D Mink Lashes , including 25mm Mink lashes,16mm mink lashes, 20mm mink lashes , 22mm mink lashes. If you are looking for Lash Vendors , we are definitely your best choice!

More helpful blogs please visit following:



Aupres Lashes Mink Lashes Catalogs

 16mm  Mink Lashes

 22mm 4D Mink Lashes

25mm  Lashes Dramatic Style

 20mm  Mink Lashes

Eyelash Sample Packs

Packaging Catalogs And Lash Tools 

 Custom Lash Boxes

  Lash Glue

 Lash Tweezers 

  Eyeliner Glue Pen 

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What  Eyelash vendors can help you make money?

What  Eyelash Vendors Can Help You Make Money?

Mink Lash industry, same as other industry, Only innovation Lash Manufacturer can lead the trend of mink lash industry,  when you have trend-leading eyelash products and Private Label Eyelash Packaging, then you are the leader in this industry. Only cooperate with the Innovation Lash Vendors,  buy their mink lashes and Custom Lash Boxes, you can can attract more customers and expand your brand. Of course you can make more money

AUPRES Lashes is a Mink Eyelash Vendors and Custom Lash Box Manufacturer from China. Who is  specialized in handcrafted 3D Mink Lashes , including 25mm Mink lashes,16mm mink lashes, 20mm mink lashes , 22mm mink lashes. If you are looking for Lash Vendors , we are definitely your best choice!

Wholesale Mink Lashes Vendor

Aupres lashes also provide varity new and beautiful lash boxes for our customers,  customer can get 3D mink  lashes and custom lash packaging boxes same order, not only save shipping costs, but also same order can create her personal brand with lashes and packaging, so we say AUPRES Lashes is lash brand supplier, give our customer a whole solution for all they need to create their lash line.


Mink Lashes And Packaging

Eyelash packaging drip box
Eyelash Packaging Drip Box
Eyelash Box Crystal Case

We have supported thousands of  customers created their own lash line, and their brand has great regional influence,of course, they make much money.Everytime new Mink Lash styles luanched, every new lash box style updated, these Loyal customers always get notified the first time, these loyal customers always have this trend-leading mink lashes and custom boxes, they can get more and more customers, make more moeny!!

Diy Eyelash Packaging

Belive Aupres Lashes, collab with Aupres Lashes, you can set up your lash line very easy and earn more profits!

Wholesale Custom Eyelash Packaging Box

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Aupres Lashes Volume Lashes Styles Review 

Aupres Lashes Volume Lashes Styles Review

AUPRES Lashes is high quality Eyelash Vendors and wholesale 25mm Lashes To USA. AUPRES Lash Vendors has won the trust and support of thousands of 3D Mink Eyelashes and 25mm Mink Lashes Entrepreneur with fast delivery, quality products and considerate after-sales service.

AUPRES Lashes is Wholesale Mink Lashes well-known in the United States. And the world’s Real Mink Eyelash Vendors, we will continue to design, continuous innovation, let our mink lashes customers starting 3D Mink Eyelashes Line.

More than 10 years Mink Lashes Wholesale and producing experiences, AUPRES lashes trained many skillful workers, they handmade 3D mink lashes and 25mm lashes , guaranteed the best quality of mink lashes.


Volume style lashes is one important part of lash family besides natural styles and whispy styles. It is now more popular, because it can replace the make up extension, but it is super cheaper, repadly apply on and also many times reusable.


We update different length volume styles 3D Mink Lashes, 16mm Dc35 and Dc66, 20mm Dm16, 22mm length Dn02 and 25mm DL06 DL08.

They are very beautiful, and now become popular than usual, cooperate with Aupres Lashes, promote this Volume lashes, i believe you can

make much profits! Bright you beauty bring you money, thats Aupres Lashes aims!

 click here see more Volume Lash Styles

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Aupres Lashes Top Sellers Review

Aupres Lashes Top Sellers Review



AUPRES Lashes is high quality Eyelash Vendors and wholesale 25mm Lashes To USA. AUPRES Lash Vendors has won the trust and support of thousands of 3D Mink Eyelashes and 25mm Mink Lashes Entrepreneur with fast delivery, quality products and considerate after-sales service.

AUPRES Lashes is Wholesale Mink Lashes well-known in the United States. And the world’s Real Mink Eyelash Vendors, we will continue to design, continuous innovation, let our mink lashes customers starting 3D Mink Eyelashes Line.

More than 10 years Mink Lashes Wholesale and producing experiences, AUPRES lashes trained many skillful workers, they handmade 3D mink lashes and 25mm lashes , guaranteed the best quality of mink lashes.Above sales sheet showed clearly we sold 21125 pairs lashes, we helped many customers created their own brand lash line.

Why our mink lashes so hot?  lets take top 3 sellers ranking eyelash styles for each type styles, and show you how magic they are on the following paragraph!!

Top 3 20mm mink lashes 

20mm lashes DM05

mink eyelashes

20mm lashes DM01

wholesale mink lashes vendor

20mm lashes DM02

Click Here See More 20mm Lashes

Top 3 15mm mink lashes

15mm lashes DC102

wholesale mink lashes

15mm lashes Dc22

3d mink lashes

15mm lashes DC09

Click Here See More 15mm Lashes 

Top 3 25mm mink lashes 

25mm mink lashes DL03

eyelash vendors

25mm mink lashes DL05

lash vendors

25mm mink lashes DL04

Click Here See More 25mm Lashes 

Top 3 22mm mink lashes 

22mm lashes Dn02

3d mink lash strips wholesale

22mm lashes Dn12

how to find eyelash vendors

22mm mink lashes Dn14

Click Here See More 22mm Lashes 

Top sellers lash boxes

custom eyelash packaging

Eyelash Box Ep112
Eyelash Box Ep112

custom eyelash packaging usa

Eyelash Box Ep78

Click Here See Eyelash Box Wholesale 

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The eyelash business is so hot, why are you still losing money?

The Eyelash Business Is So Hot, Why Are You Still Losing Money?

Now adays in America, mink lashes industry is very fire, with much big demands, retail price is also very high, you should earn much profits if you directly get your mink lashes from Mink Lash Vendors from China,  why are there many Lashes Vendors still losing money?

1. You are not confident, so you only dare to buy low-priced, poor-quality eyelashes, which seems to be easy to sell, but you can’t Wholesale Mink Lashes with good prices. Your customers can easily buy the same mink lashes from others, so they are easy to liquidity, the possibility of repeated purchases is very small, you are always looking for new customers,     in this case, of course you will lose money.

Eyelash Vendors Wholesale Mink Lashes

16mm lashes DC75

Mink Lash Vendors  

3D mink lashes DM12

Eyelash Vendors Wholesale Lash Vendors

2. You did not know how to get Custom Eyelash Packaging, your false eyelashes can not sold out without beautiful Eyelash Packaging in a short time, and you will lose money! High-quality eyelashes should also be packaged in a beautiful package to be sold out as quickly as possible. Fine packaging can make your mink eyelashes sell at a higher price.  Our Aupres lashes offer beautiful packaging, low order quantity, short producing period, so working with Aupres lashes get beautiful packaging boxes can help you a lot.

Lash Packaging Boxes

Eyelash Packaging

Eyelash Packaging Box

Click Here –>>Custom Eyelash Packaging Solutions

3. You don’t understand knowledge about eyelashes, and you don’t find a liable wholesale Mink Lash Vendors, you are easily deceived. If you buy a low quality mink lashes that is different from the sample, you will lose money.  So you have to open your eyes and look for the same supplier as Aupres lahes, to ensure that the quality of your eyelashes will ensure that your customers are not lost.

3D Mink Lashes DM02

Mink Eyelash Vendors  Mink Lashes Wholesale

3D mink lashes DM10

Wholesale Lash Vendors  Mink Lashes Wholesale

4. Find a responsible Wholesale Lash Vendors, buy high-quality mink eyelashes, sell it to high-end consumers at a reasonable price, and do a good job. This is your best making money price strategy.

25mm lashes DH004

25mm Lashes  25mm Mink Lashes

25mm Lashes DL03

25mm Mink Lashes Wholesale

25mm Lashes Wholesale


Aupres lashes is one Eyelash Manufacturer with 12 years Mink Lashes producing   experiences. Gained believes and supports from millions of Mink Lashes Vendors Usa own its high quality Mink Strip Lashes,   we have supported thousands of retail lash vendors create their private label lash brand, cooperate with Aupres Lashes, is your best choice, collab with us, you can earn enough money!

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3D mink lashes Dc22 VS 25mm mink strip lashes Dy020

16mm 3D Mink Lashes Dc22

 V S

25mm Mink Strip Lashes Dy020

Aupres lashes are Mink Eyelash Vendors who has own lash manufacturer in China. We create many many hot sale popular mink lash styles, today let us do a compare between 16mm mink lashes and 25mm mink strip lashes most polular styles:  DC22 and Dy020, first let see the picture:

Wholesale Mink Lashes

16mm Lashes Dc22
16mm Lashes Dc22

Eyelash Vendors Wholesale


First let us see what they are alike:

  1. Made of mink fur hairs
  2. Wearable at least 25 times
  3. Most popular
  4. Very alike, just like mother and daughter, same fashion style

Then we see what differents: 

1. Length 16mm vs 25mm

16mm lashes Dc22

Mink Eyelash Vendors

2. Curly degree: Dc22 curl up at the end of hair tip, Dy020 start tending curly from middle of hairs 

3.  Output of skillful worker:  Dc22  40 pairs/day,  Dy020 8 pairs/day

4. Custom eyelash packaging: Dc22 trio lash tray with smaller box; Dy020 square lash tray with big box

25mm Mink Lashes

5. Fashion element: Dc22 shorter but dramatic style; Dy020 dramatic styles but little bit wispy  looking.

6.  Mink hair Layers: Dc22 double layers so they have 3 dimentional effects, Dy020 has many layers, so they are looks thicker,

fluffy and full of dramatic effects, Most make up salon artist call these 25mm lashes 5D Minks .

Auspres lashes  are Wholesale Lash Vendors, we provide to our customer the best mink lashes, we use the best  mink hairs, we pure handcraft to make mink lashes, we never use chemical material to make tending of mink hairs. So are trusted by most of the clients,  and much repeat buyers. 

We also provide Eyelash Packaging Wholesale,Caustom Eyelash Boxes, to match our best mink lashes. welcome every lash lover come and take sample order.

Cheap Custom Eyelash Boxes

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how to get your mink lash band soften and flexible ?


  How To Get  Mink Lash Band Soften and Flexible ?

Much clients ask two questions, why some mink strip lashes band so stiff, especially  25mm mink  lashes?  How to get mink lash band soft and flexible?  How to wash or clean the mink lashes?

25mm Lashes


Video introduction on Aupres Lashes 


Why Are Some Mink Lash  Band So Stiff And Thick?

25mm Mink  Lashes, compare to regular 3D Mink Lashes, they are at least use 3 times mink fur hairs used, So the  lash band which is made of soft cotton thread, and use glue to stick the mink hairs onto it, turns into  thick and heavy, that is normal situation, the lash band should be thicker and stiff.

Those lash factory who sells very low price, they use machine to lay the mink fur hairs, this must get some part of mink lash band with more hair root, and when they use normal glue to stick mink fur hairs, the glue also not well distributed, the workers are not skillful, so the band are somewhere with little knots, band itself stiff, not flexible, and even may hurt your eyelid.

Aupres lashes,  who leading Mink Lash Vendors of 25mm Mink Strip Lashes, never meet this kind complaints from customers. Because we have well trained skillful workers, they select the mink fur hairs carefully by hand, and lay every layer by hand, and we use the best glue to stick the bread and hairs, so the results is our mink strip lashes with a lightweight and soft band, very comfortable when you wear it!

Mink Lash Vendors

How To Get The Mink Lash Band Soft And Flexible? 

When you bought a inferior quality 25mm mink strip lashes with hard thick band, do not worry,  now as i know why it is so stiff, then i know how to get it soft and flexible, but be careful, pick a lighter and your lashes,  use the lighter to roast around the band, make sure that you do not burn them,  just that you’re standing far away from it as possible and this will just mouth the band on your lashes and it’ll make it a lot more flexible, this tips only can make your stiff lash band soft few times, then the mink lashes will be no use!!

25mm mink lashes DL012
25mm mink lashes DL012

Wholesale Mink Lashes

As you can see now they are little bit more flexible and you can just pop them on to your lashes and you are good to go now,  if you don’t feel comfortable with applying some heat to the banner of your lashes, or you can do is just make them into a circle ,  you can just leave them on for a while this will help the lash be a little bit more flexible. You can also take a brush whatever an eye brush whatever you have and just place the lashes around the actual brush and that will also help soften the bands that way, it’s not too thick and it doesn’t poke your eye.

Please remember, when you want to buy 25mm mink strip lashes, buy it from Aupreslasehs, only Aupres lashes can make perfect 25mm mink strip lashes.

How To Cleaning Your Mink Lashes?

The next tip i have for you guys is if you have some lashes that you love,  and that you just are not ready to part with,  i know that lashes can get dirty with eyeshadow fallout bitter, fallout dirty with glue , don’t throw them away.  You have to do is grab a little bit of micellar water, this is my faorite one.  it is my Aupres lashes its amazing it takes off all my makeup for my skin,  all i do is i grab a little Q- -tip when it’s back and forth through the lashes, i also use that same q-tip and i just clean around the bandarea make sure that you do this a few times.

25mm mink lashes DL03
25mm mink lashes DL03

Mink Lash Vendors

Remember, our mink lashes are lightweight, so every time you only use very little very little very little glue on it,  this also make your mink strip lashes light, and easy to applying on and take off, do not use powerful glue to apply your mink lashes, unless you want to wearing it to swimming.

Also remember, if you want buy long lashes, Aupres Wholesale Lash Vendors supply you  25mm Mink Strip Lashes with all styles.


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 Why we choose innovative lash vendor? 

           Why We Choose Innovative Lash Vendor? 

An innovative lash vendor, can sensitively aware requirement of the 3d mink lashes market,  design and made new styles of false eyelashes, launched it into market on a mature time, this will get more customers and create huge profits, from Aupreslashes new styles 20mm 3D Siberian mink lash launching, we tell you why we choose innovative lash vendor? 20mm 3D Siberian mink lash launched, this is 2019 new styles from Aupreslashes, it is really very exciting for Aupreslashes and her clients. 

 New mink lash styles launch means more customers and profits

AUPRES Lashes is a Mink Eyelash Vendors and Eyelash Manufacturer from China. We specialized in handcrafted 3D Mink Lashes , including 25mm Mink lashes,16mm mink lashes, 20mm mink lashes , 22mm mink lashes. If you are looking for Lash Vendors , we are definitely your best choice!
AUPRES Lashes, as a reliable Mink Lash Vendor, aims to provide high-end, healthy, fashionable and wearable lashes for customer worldwide. Beside, we keep developing new styles to meet various requirements of customers. With professional design team, we always keep our lashes at the cutting edge of fashion. With skilled workers, we can ensure the quality and timely delivery of our products. So, if you are looking for Wholesale Lashes vendors, AUPRES Mink Eyelash Vendors is just the one you are looking for.

For Aupreslashes and her clients, the launch of the new 20mm mink lash styles means:

  1. Gather a large number of new customers

Because first, new styles 20mm mink lash will attract part of the fashion trendy, these trendy are always chasing the trend, whenever there is a new style on the market, they are always the first batch of to buy, of course, they are also the promoter of the new styles; The second new model comes on the market, there is always a unique difference from other type of mink lash, and this style will attract newer buyers, which will undoubtedly increase your original customer group.

  1. Increase of business profits.

New products are meant to be unique, not to be imitated in a short time. As we all know, based on good quality and well-known brands. fake eyelashes are luxury brands , their prices are between $25 and $40, And new brand is supplied exclusively by Aupreslashes, so output is little, supply is less than demand, and at the beginning when it launched, No competition of congener product on price, so we no need to sell it with any discount, then the profit is very good.

 Innovative lash vendor can launch new mink lash styles when the market need 

Releasing this type of 20mm mink elash into the market as 2019 major styles of mink lashes,  are Aupreslashes response on demand of the market, on demand of our clients and also upon their strong design ability.

April,2018, Aupreslashes  designed and launched a 25mm mink lashes on demand of the market. It appeared onto the market only one month , then was discovered  by large eyelash lovers, and quickly became popular in the market, a lot of American eyelash dealers asking for 25mm 3D Siberian  mink lashes and try to get order. why?

Because it sells well, the price is high and easy to sale, so every local dealer like it, of course, the result is DH002 and DH003 these two styles 25mm 3D mink lashes are always  out of shocks.

Mink lash dealers gets very good commercial reward, get stable and expanded her own client group,  they are benefit from 25mm Siberian mink lash a lot.

When American eyelash dealer realized the innovative capabilities of Aupreslashes, they then ask for a new styles of mink lashes which are with length between 15mm-25mm. They found that there is also a consumption area between 15mm and 25mm length. Because some eyelash lover do not like the big eyelash of 25mm mink lash, they consider it is too long, exaggerated, and they also no longer like the eyelash of 15mm, they wear it long time and got tired of it,  they want to change a little longer eyelash, to gives her a new appearance, then herself enjoy it and others look at also like. Oscar, the chief designer of Aupreslashes also recognized this long time before and had his own technical reserve. Only when the market was mature could they choose an opportunity to launch. Now, customers’ requirements indicated that the market opportunity was mature, and it is naturally the best time to launch 20mm mink lash into market.

  Innovative lash vendor is able to discover market and lead market

Dear friends, from 25mm mink lash launch to 20mm mink lash eyelash release into market, what trick are you aware of? This is the ability of lash vendor to control the market!! A credible lash vendor can detect the mink lash market demand in advance and create demand.

Did you saw 25mm mink lashes before? Of course not, but we made it and put it on the market, which led to a trend of large eyelashes, this trend belongs to a relatively different kind of demand, this demand mining became the market, and consumer groups are still expanding; And then 25mm large eyelashes market triggered the desire of 20mm mink lash customer group again, this means it created a new market demand again.

From that market cycle,how do you think an innovative lash vendor can grasp the market? With such a lash vendor,  your customer base will grow and your business will become easier, right?

Choose an innovative and credible lash vendor, then follow him closely,  timely feedback market demand, and ultimately achieve a win-win outcome, this is a vision of eyelash dealer smart choice.

Aupreslashes co ltd, is a experienced manufacturer, a credible lash vendor, an innovative lash vendor, wholesale popular styles and new styles to our clients and business partners, collaborate with her,its your smart choice.