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How To Gain Free Eyelash Cases From Aupres lashes ?

How To Gain Free Eyelash Cases From Lash Vendors?

Good Mink Lashes Must Be Packaged

When you start your own lash line, eyelash packaging is a matter that must be well deal with. To create your own lash brand, you can’t use free packaging. It’s just a lash tray. If you use only one eyelash tray for high-end lashes, then just like a beauty lady wore beggar clothes, you don’t want even to take a look at it.Here tell you a tips how to gain free beautiful cases from eyelash vendors china, Aupreslashes.

Good Mink Lash Packaging Must Cost a Lot Of Money

But if you custom eyelash packaging and make a box with your own logo, the cost will be $2.50 one piece, and the minimal order quantity will be 60. In the early days of the venture, are you sure you can sell 60 eyelashes soon? Each plus 2.5 dollars will naturally push your eyelashes to a higher price. Do you believe that your consumers are willing to buy this eyelash at a higher price? If you set the price low, then your consumer will be happy, but can you make money? Doing business does not make money, will you continue to do it?

 You Should Learn To Be a Businessman , Control  Cost of  Eyelash Packaging

Many customers started to do mink lash business, and she still regarded herself as a consumer and did not learn to control costs.  They think that the private label lash suppliers-Aupres lashes mink strip lashes are very beautiful, so high-end, must be equipped with a beautiful custom-made packaging with their own logo, , but they never thought of  this will push up the price of mink lashes, it will be very difficult to sell. If you want be eyelash vendors wholesale USA, Then you must change your customers consumer habits and thinking methods. I can be sure that the mink lashes are not as easy to sell as they thought before. Even if they are sold, because the cost is high, the profits are naturally low. If you don’t have profits, will you return to buy? So you should learn to change from a consumer to an operator and learn to control costs.


    How To Gain Free Eyelash Packaging From Aupres Lashes?

Then how do you control eyelash packaging costs? A very exciting news for you, great news, you can Gain free beautiful lash cases from Aupres lashes, you can also getting with your logo, not exciting?

In consideration of saving money for the new customer, Aupres lashes, best mink eyelash vendors, who has enter into customers eyelash vendors list published  two very favorable policies for the new eyelash operators. First , 10 dollars help you print 250 logo sticker  and can design mini logo stickers within one day. You can get free transparent acrylic Box if order 60 pairs of mink lashes, please pay attention that it is not 60 order one time, it is a accumulative order of 60 pairs. Then you will ask how about less than 60 pairs?

25mm mink strip lashes DH003

OK, there is no moq limitation,  if your order less than 60, you only pay 0.5 dollar for it which is worth 1 dollar. As long as you can purchase 60 pairs of mink lashes in total, return the price of the box of $0.5 to you. Give you none time limits. Aupres lashes eyelash manufacturer china are so high quality, acrylic gemstone boxes are very beautiful, $2 less than other eyelash packaging box, then you have a great competitive advantage. I think even if you are part-time, you can sell 60 pairs of Aupres eyelashes a month.

     Can Such Packaging Affect Your Brand Creation?

Put a logo sticker specially printed for you on the eyelash tray. Okay, then a good eyelash can be seen at a glance. The sticker is clearly marked with your unique logo, the price is reduced, and your profit is also available. You spend less and buy better eyelashes, everyone is happy, right?


Will there be customers who don’t buy your high-end eyelashes because your packaging is not beautiful? I don’t think so, they are definitely willing to repeat the purchase. But suppose you use a high-end box and put on the quality of the eyelashes, so the customer will be disappointed, compared to the box, they care more care beautiful and comfortable mink lashes, right?

You are thoroughly think for the customer, the customer definitely likes, they like the low price but high quality mink strip lashes, then they will spread for you, repeat the purchase, this is the how brand forms, the brand is not only a beautiful packaging, but also a performance you think for the customer.

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How to create your own mink eyelash brand

How To Create Your Own Mink Eyelash Brand

  New eyelash enterprise management, the brand power is very strong. Same high-end 3D mink lashes, famous brand products sell 39 dollars, many people buy, but the non-brand 3D Mink Lashes can only sell 15 dollars, thus people  is not very positive to buy. So all eyelash enterprises try their best to establish their own quality brand. But for false eyelash dealer, how to create your own Mink Eyelash Brand?

We introduce how to create yourself eyelash brand from the following respects, hope its be able to give you some help.

First Of All You Need To Find An Upscale Eyelash Vendor

   Here, I recommend ourself, AUPRES LASHES as your Eyelash Vendors China. we are Eyelash Manufacturer china,Our mink lashes were made of selected mink hair. The material was very good and the value was very high.Our mink lashes are very fashionable and can be reused 25 times more. It costs between $4 and $6.5 to ship them to the United States, but its quality is comparable to that of famous brands. When you create your famous brand, you can sell it for $20, if you only do Eyelash Vendors Wholesale Usa, you also can sell it with a great profits.

    Also we are Custom lash packaging box manufacturer, we supply eyelash packaging box for you to help you create you lash brand, we now can supply you hundreds of lash packaging boxes  with your own logo, you can select from them, it must have one style suitable for you.

Catalogue Click >>> Eyelash Box Wholesale

Second Starting From Trail Sample Order

  Secondly, starting from the trial order, many American women start their eyelash business, starting from the trial order from best mink eyelash vendors Aupreslashes, gradually to 100 dollars a order, then a few hundred dollars a large order, and finally reach a company operating into the order scale, this is the early stage of how to start my own eyelash brand. Catalogue Click >>> Eyelash Sample Packs

  Then, through custom eyelash packaging, the products she sells are endowed with a corporate culture and accepted by the mass consumers, which forms a unique brand and expands to a country, which is a national well-known brand.

  Why do consumers like to pay a high price for a branded mink lashes? As we all know, the style of the brand is fashionable, and the mink lashes quality of the brand is high quality and stable.This requires the creation of brand must be supported by high-quality products. No good products, never do brand.So we will explain from the following aspects, how to create your  own eyelash brand.

Thirdly, Establish Your Sales Channels

  Thirdly, establish your sales channels,which can be divided into online channels and offline channels.

    On-line channel is through the Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and other social media, through the photos and video to expand your follower group, and let the followers to become your customers, it is very popular and effective practice. On the net, you makeup yourself, use your own experience, you are from an ugly duckling becoming  a beautiful swan, showing your before and after,that’s pretty convincing, naturally people will buy your product.

   Offline sales are also spread through experience. Our mink lashes are comfortable to wear and of good quality, and people who have taken them buy them repeatedly. In addition, they will persuade her family members, colleagues and friends to buy them, so as to expand the user base.

   Excellent brand must use high grade product to prop up, do not have good mink lashes, be complained everyday, that your brand is spat on very quickly, become rubbish brand.

Fourth: Often Update The Lash Model And Fashion Model

  Fourth: often update the product model and fashion model, so as to give old customers a better updated experience, but also to attract more consumers into your customer base, and, new products can not discount sales.

  From this aspect, how important is to find Private Label Lash Suppliers, a innovative lash vendor, we AUPRES LASHES launched  2018 20mm mink lashes, 25mm mink strip lashes, after is very popular, launched in 2019 and 20mm Mink Strip Lashes, always go ahead of the market and lead the market, leading fashion, to find good   Eyelash Vendors China, you are more likely to create your own eyelashes brand .

Last, also be the most important bit, you must firm confidence, have confidence to oneself, have confidence to our eyelash, pass oneself hard effort, then you can achieves successful.



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The Big The Better-For fluffy Mink Strip Lashes

Mink Strip Lashes–The Big The Better

The old saying wins – ‘the bigger the better’ is now well evidenced by our 25mm mink strip lashes These long mink lashes were released August 2018,  within one month were discovered by long lash lovers and immediately spread out and became hot sales styles, now we try to introduce it and explain why is it popular? why The Big The better?

Mink lashes are always praised by natural style, when someone want to say one style mink lash is very good, they usually said:”Wow, such a good fake eyelash, just  looks like no wear! its so natural, even your boyfriend can not care you are wearing an eyelash!”.

Aupres lashes are experienced eyelash manufacturer china, best mink eyelash vendors,lashes wholesale vendor, they designed and launched  25mm mink strip lashes are hot sale, from another side proved that beauty are diversified. When we makeup a bold smoky eye, a pair of stand out falsies are the perfect finishing touch. Whether you love a flared, feathered appearance, a winged out effect or an ultra-long, curled design; here we have a selection of  our stunning, striking lash styles suitable for achieving a dramatic appearance.

   3D35 Multi-layered Lash Look With Lots Of Texture


If you love a multi-layered lash look with lots of texture, then Aupres lashes-eyelash vendors china, provide you style 3D25  mink lashes, it is difficult to beat. Boasting a blend of dense and finer lash strands to create a full, wispy finish, this eye opening style also features increased length in the central of the band accentuating the eye beautifully for an effortlessly curled finish.                             

 DH008 Perfect For Providing A Cat-eye Effect

Aupres lashes  private label lash suppliers, her top selling style DH008 are well loved for their dramatic, flared appearance. Perfect for providing a cat-eye effect, this unique design gradually increases in length towards each outer edge whilst the dense lash strands are formed into a v-shaped pattern for a unique, dramatic look.


DM10 Achieve Extreme Volume As Well As Incredible Definition



Aupres lashes,best mink eyelash vendors, their styles are ideal for offering a luxurious touch to your makeup, thanks to their high quality mink and silk lash styles. One of our latest additions style DM10 consists of super curled, wispy lash strands that are layered together to achieve extreme volume as well as incredible definition. The elongated ends enhance your eyes adding impressive length for a full, fluffy finish.


     DH002 Offers Heavy Volume And Impressive Length

                          Style DH002 is one of the most dramatic false eyelashes from the entire Doll Beauty collection. It offers heavy volume and impressive length for optimal intensity. The layering of premium quality lashes provides a soft, shiny appearance and textured effect that allows for the ultimate definition.


DH010 Top Pick For Bringing Unbeatable Drama To Your Look


Coveted by A-list celebs and loved for their ultra-dramatic design; Aupres Lashes in style DH010 are a top pick for bringing unbeatable drama to your look. The flared lash clusters are thick and fluffy, curling outwards for an eye-enhancing effect, adding extreme length for an all round, stand out appearance.

Which dramatic lash style is your favourite?