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Why does consumer like mink eyelash?

Why Does Consumer Like Mink Eyelash?

These years, eyelash market there are grafting synthetic eyelash, human hair eyelash, horse hair mink lash and faux mink lash, mink lash and so on, but mink lash gradually became main product, why does consumer like mink eyelash?

Grafting eyelashes is popular in before mink eyelashes appear, because at that moment growing eyelashes looks more natural than synthetic eyelashes on the market. But along with the social progress, the life rhythm speed up, grafting eyelashes is gradually replaced by false mink lash, because grafting eyelashes need too long time, this greatly increase the time cost of consumers.
The Internet age, the time is money, grafting need at least 1-2 hours at a time, time cost is too high!
Grafting eyelash is to stick the case-hardened single chemical fiber eyelash on his eyelash, it is very natural at first, but the body owned eyelash is timely reborn, the eyelash will change every 2 months, so from the third days after grafting, grafted eyelash will fall down with its sticky eyelashes, you can guess the result, you eyelashes are uneven distributed on each eye, and your two eyes maybe unbalanced, one is with thick eyelash and other have thinner eyelashes, then maybe one eye looks big, and another looks small, what a pity, it will be so ugly.
Long-term grafting eyelashes, will cause their own eyelash upside down growth , or directly grow down side, When it get in touch with your eye, it will be very pain and tears out,hurt your eyes!
Once you grafted your eyelash, you will fixed on a same makeup style for at least 3 weeks, but if you are going to take part in a weekend party, wild style party, then how can you change your eyelash styles to suit your makeup? So when your makeup style changed, eyelash can not change to match makeup, not flexible enough. Fall off after right and left eye begins asymmetry!
The eyelash of chemical fiber on the market, look inflexible, eyelash does not have administrative levels to feel or have administrative levels to feel too inflexible, eyelash of chemical fiber eyelash eyeliner stalk is too hard, take have intense winking feeling, you take uncomfortable, cannot set your mind at work, enjoy life!
Aupreslashes, as the world’s largest lash manufacturer, a credible lash vendor, has chosen the natural animal hair, CRUETY FREE, which is full of spirituality. Aupres lashes produce 3D mink lashes are realistic and natural, with fine workmanship, finalization and flowing. They can be changed at will according to different occasions and makeup looks, whether they are natural or sexy…It’s more expensive, but it lasts 20 to 25 times, so in average every wearing cost is much cheaper than the ordinary eyelash.
Aupres lashes adhering to the quality of our life!
We will treat our products like babies and we will cherish them like birds

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How to apply false eyelash for a beginner?

     How To Apply False Eyelash For a Beginner?


 How To Apply False Eyelash For a Beginner?

As a luxury lash vendor, we wholesale our 3d mink lashes all over the world, most new eyelash user ask us, how to wear our 100% hand craft eyelashes?

Compare to others, false eyelash wearing and pick off very simple, short time used, and easy to change to different styles, this bring a greatly convenience to busy  modern female, especially for office lady,

Now we discuss a beginner, how to apply false eyelashes:

Tools needed

First of all, prepare eyelash tools, a mirror, a scissor, tweezers, a bottle of eyelash glue and an eyelash brush.

Measure length, Cut off edges

Take eyelash, face mirror, measure the length of your eyelashes with your eye.then you know how the length of eyelash you should remain, then use your scissor cutting down part of your eyelash from both side of the eyelash to suit your eye’s length.

Apply glue

Apply a small amount of glue to the root of your eyelashes. Swing eyelash,probably 30 seconds or so, wait for glue to solidify a bit and half dried.

Put on eyelashes press both corner

Pick up central part of false eyelashes ,get in touch with your middle upper eyelid near eyeline, this time ,eyelash is pasted on the middle eyelid near eyeline,

Next to pull eyelashes into inner corner side of your eye and press slightly to immobilize it, same action doing outside corner of your eye make it immobilization.

Now main work finished, next on let do some embellish work to make it more immobilize and look more beautiful.

Brush eyelash

From root of your eyelash to tip end, upper direction, brush your eyelash and false eyelash hairs slightly, let it mixed with each other, then your eyelashes looks longer, natural, of course, more beautiful.

This process not only mix hairs, but also give little support to the false eyelashes, you know although our eyelashes are very light and soft, they still have a certain weight, with

real eyelash support, it will not fall down.

Brush the outside of your eye, let the eyelash warping up little, let your eyes look big and bright and intelligent.

Attention please, use a moderate glue, don’t use strong, it will stick with skin very firm, and when you pick it off, it is pain and maybe hurt your skin,unless you take with it long time or swimming.




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How To Create Your Eyelashes business?

How To Create Your Eyelashes business?

  We are luxury 3D Siberian mink lash manufacturer, lash vendor, we wholesale our eyelash all over the world, now so many customers
through our website ask how to create eyelashes business, introducing as following.

Insist your idea/work hard

To start a new eyelash business and make it success is a very hard period,and full of difficulty, only you make up your mind, don’t care others, working hard every day, insist your idea for long time, you can enjoy happiness of success, if you today visit friend, tomorrow have a longtime journey, you will never get success.

 Chose a firstclass eyelash vendor

Besides,you should do the following very important works,First of all, you would like to chose a firstclass eyelash vendor, what can firstclass vendor do for you?

He can supply you the leading style lashes, every year he supply several new styles of eyelashes which is more popular and make more profits for you。

His eyelashes is quality guaranteed, not like ordinary eyelashes, frequently bring you complaints and even if claim for compensation from your customers, then much customers lost, you are all the time seeking new customers.

He can take a fast delivery to you, within three days, deliver the eyelashes to your address, then you can reduce your stores, reduce your capital amount occupied。

He quotes you reasonable price, he earn his reasonable profits and others support you, he know only you can earn money then he can sale more eyelashes, he know how to win-win。

He can supply you customized boxes you need, help you design your own logo and fixed it into your packaging,he can supply whole eyelashes relatives.

How to sell eyelashes?

Ascertained your vendor, you get steady eyelash supply, then you construct your business frame, including selling windows, like instagram,YouTube,facebook etc, this is very important, especially in the first time, instantly show eyelashes information to public, to attract buyers lights, get trail test order, then you can get follow-up order。

In that case you are nearly success, because best products can speak for themselves, eyelashes are continuously consumption item, with support of good eyelashes, you can steady old customers and enlarge new customers, get a good circulation。

Serve your customers

You must select one efficiency dispatching supplier, in a short time deliver eyelashes to your customers.

Make a reasonable price strategy, aim to high level consumer, for example, LV can sell a bag  30000 dollars, why  can’t we sell the best eyelashes  100 dollars? This world never short of the rich, only short of Luxury eyelashes brand!

Get a proper stores.

Interaction with your lash vendor

Interaction with your lash vendor, this is most important, because you know what your customers need, and then reflect it to your vendor, they have the ability to improve or redesign eyelash style to satisfy your customers, and continuously push new styles to the market, this will also bring you new customers, bring you profits.

All above is necessary, trust it, do it, insist do it, go to success!