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Why aren’t your eyelash business succeed?

Why aren’t your eyelash business succeed?

Why so many people enter into eyelash business?

Eyelash business has below advantage

It is low threshold, need small cost,

it is not effected by custom restriction,

Express delivery is quite convenient.

So every day thousands of people flood into the industry,

There are many people enter into Alibaba net platform to start eyelash business…

Social media platforms also have a lot of people starting eyelash business…

Why aren’t your eyelash business succeed?

So many eyelash business going on, but only a few have done well, why aren’t your eyelash business got succeed? Dear customer, have you reflected?You saw others doing eyelash business and earn profits, then you did not do any market research enter into the eyelashes business, you starting your eyelash business blindly, the result is you only lost your money and getting trouble, why thing going like this?



You are not professional, you do not know which is a good 3D mink eyelash ? Which eyelash is bad, you do not have the ability to judge which eyelash materials and also can not judge what kind of styles are popular in the market. You only think that cheaper eyelashes are easy to sell and can make money, but you don’t know that the cheaper are junk goods, is made by non-experienced workers, with bad quality, never can be accept by the customers, then you only get a lot of stocks, lost much money.


One luxury  Dramatic Heavy eyelash 25mm you package with a simple and small box, one light eyelash you use one big box, then not only the eyelash can not be well protected, but also low down the eyelash level, what a bad impression you passed to the customer? Every eyelash has it’s own language, you should get matched packing, then can show it’s noble or beauty, you must learn all of this eyelash packing knowledge.


There are much mercenary lash vendor, they show you perfect picture and best, popular eyelash sample before signing contract, before delivery, when you paid, they send you absolutely different

Eyelash, some are junk eyelashes are combined with low quality eyelashes.

Good quality eyelashes are handmade, experienced skillful workers are high award and not easy to find, not easy to hired in a low salary, pure handmade eyelashes are integrated some individual and enterprise culture feature, is much expensive than the ordinary one, and can not be imitated.

Mercenary lash vendor take these best eyelash pictures cheat you, give you different junk eyelash, you must get big lose. Lash vendor don’t keep credit, get you much loss. So you must choose a lash vendor with a qualified manufacturer.


Maybe you never do business or you never do eyelashes before, so you don’t  understand what your customers care , what they thought, and what consume habits they have, you only buy and sell eyelashes as your favor, your eyelash vendor only give not popular eyelashes, did not give you these market suggestion, you and you customer can not good communication, in case costumer side have any thing wrong, you can not deal with it rapidly, finally you lost your customers, every day in a states of developing new customers.

In case you take one style good eyelash, because you don’t know what your customer seek for, they don’t care money but you tell them your products economic, then you give your customers shadow impression, they treat it as ordinary eyelash, you don’t know eyelash, don’t know what your customer care, although your eyelash is very good, customer will not buy again.

Your eyelash and yourself did not give best impression to your customer, when they need eyelash, maybe you are the last one in her mind, how can you be succeed ?


Dear nobody can be simple success, you must be learn more on eyelash, on customer, learn more on eyela vendor, with a good product, a good platform, but also a good marketing strategy, suitable for product sales ideas, good suppliers can help you solve the problem, work hard, our business can do more big, you are succeed!

Aupreslashes company, famous 3D mink lash manufacturer, lash vendor, we adhering to the ” love is beauty, with our love to influence our clients, act as honest , with the honest to touch the world!

Sincerity is the great wisdom! We serve every customer sincerely.


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How to serve our customer?

How to server our customer?

Why so many lash lovers start false eyelash line?

As one most popular lash vendor, we usually wholesale eyelash to middlemen, middlemen retail it all over the world. But with the development of net C to C style, many makeup lover get into the market, start their eyelashes  line business. They are braver, through hard work and continuously showing videos and photos on Instagram and YouTube.. get satisfied profits.They are newer, maybe never do business, they are not so  thoughtful, then some more strange requirement coming, here following is cut screen from Instagram,  to see how we serve our customer!

What are they cares first?

They are so love our 3D Siberian mink lash, so at first time usually to say:

Hi guys, your eyelashes are so pretty, i love them, what are your wholesale price?

Are you custom packages? I like this box style, but i don’t like the color, give more box pictures please!

Without get any answer, they pass much of pictures from Instagram which you published days before, at the time,

Its very busy to answer their questions, so i  have to slow down her rhythm, “Hello dear, i am LeeYang from China,can i have your name?”

Then they may answer you politely:”Hi, i am Nancy, what is your wholesale price?”



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Let Your Eyes Bright

 Let Your Eyes Bright

When communicating with others, the first  they notice is your eyes, if you have a pair of big and watery eyes, the most sincere, naturally easy to get other people’s favor and trust! But if you are inborn hair is little, eyelash is not only short but also thin,soft and not thick, appear the eye is petty and have no spirits,.
How to do? Suggested you to use Augres Lashes. Aupreslashes are luxury 3D Siberian mink lash factory, has 10 years experiences on make 100% hand craft mink lashes. After wearing false eyelashes, your eyelashes became thick, and your eyes naturally looked divine, which made the whole person’s temperament different.
Beautiful, is so simple!Because we have Aupres lashes!

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How to get your own eyelash style?

How to get your own eyelash style?

No design team, products easy be imitate, difficult to hold your unique eyelash long and competitive!

If you are owner of an eyelash brand, you really want to have your own style, and want to be the only one,this is obviously certain.What could be more attractive than a unique style eyelash? But, you know, it’s difficult, it’s hard to make a good design, not everyone is an artist.Seldom suppliers will design eyelash styles for you, as most suppliers and factories do not have the ability to do so. Finally, even if one of the vendors designs the style for you, he says, “this is yours alone.” When the style succeeds, you’ll find  that nearly within a month everyone seems to be sell the same eyelashes. I’m not saying that your supplier doesn’t keep secrets for you, although sometimes it does. What’s more, most of the eyelash brands, though lacking in innovation, are excellent in imitation. Then how to get your own eyelash style?

If you can sell 200 pairs/month, Aupreslashes can design one unique styles for you!

So, is it really so hard to hold a unique eyelash style? I tell  you, no, at least not for you after read this article. Because you saw this article is from the most professional eyelash supplier -AugresLashes. It’s obvious that Augres Lashes was able to customize the style for you, as one 10 years experienced lash manufacturer,we had the most professional design team and excellent eyelash style chief designer OSCAR. Suppose that you really owned this exclusive style eyelash, you’re sure to sell 200 pairs a month, right? This is the clause from Augre Lahses, if you guarantee to order 200 pairs of customized styles per month, and Augres Lashes can guarantee that this customized style is exclusive to you within one year,then, AugresLashes will automatically continue the contract next year.

Your style is not easy be imitated!

I think next thing you worry about plagiarism, don’t worry,the eyelashes of AugresLashes were all hand-laid by the workers, which was not so easy to copy. I can tell you, even if we spread the eyelash design, no one will be able to understand our design. The eyelashes made by AugresLashes are quite professional. Finally, I want to tell you that if you can customized your design and keep it a secret, you are great. To show my respect,when you ordered 200 pairs of eyelashes in any style at AugresLashes, we will offer you protection for your own eyelash style unconditionally. It’s easy to copy eyelash styles, but remember that no one could copy the quality of AugresLashes. If you want to get your own exclusive eyelash style, please call Augres  who provid Augres Lashes’ exclusive customer service.