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Diy Private label lash box logo

Diy Private Label Lash Box Logo



CUSTOM eyelash packaging box,  Making eyelash private labels, mini logo stickers, you can not  do without these eye models!!
These eyelash models plus bushiness information formed your exclusive private label!!
DIY your logo must be a fantastic achivement!! With our perfect  mink lashes   release your eyelash dream!!














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Which Is Best Mink Lashes?

Which Is Best Mink Lashes?

   Following pictures are  screenshot from my favorite YouTube Video Channel  Sassy Lashes LV,  her name Shauna. her YouTube link as
   From her beautiful eyelash, we talk about which is best  eyelash.

    First, 20mm mink lashes are more suitable for you,  for most of western lady face, from middle of your eyelash to perking up eyelash tip, 8mm is most charming.
DM10 20mm mink lashes

      Second,  from your eyebrow straight out, 10mm then starting to tending up is most beauty mink lashes. 
3D22C mink lashes

      Third, best mink lashes must be lightweight, thinner band, then it can be easily apply on and take off, give you a comfortable feeling.
DM02 20mm mink lashes
   More beautiful and hot sell mink lashes, click to 《How To Order Eyelash Sample Pack》
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You should choose these styles start your lash line!!

You should choose these styles start your lash line!!


     We are wholesale lash vendor, from hundreds of daily orders, we know which is popular styles, so we publish these three fashion and popular eyelash combinations for new lash vendors sample pack,  if you want quickly promote your eyelash business, choose one combination from the following 3!!



This  combination made of 3 styles 16mm eyelashes, uper one is 3D22C,  popular drama styles; middle one is 3D09, it is Miami style, natural styles; lower style is 3D98, Wing styles, very beautiful,

$80 including 12 pairs eyelashes and shipping costs, great help to you lash vendors.



DC18, 16mm 3D mink lashes; DM10  20mm mink strip lashes, DL12 25mm mink strip lashes thicker styles, this combination is a very good collection, 12 pairs with only 80$ including shipping

cost,  its best choice for new lash vendors who like e dramatic thicker eyelashes.

DC102 15mm length, DM06 20mm 3D mink lashes; DN09 22mm 5D mink lashes,  95$ for 15 pieces sample pack.  these are all very popular styles, with these styles start up your eyelash business,

can help you quickly get your customers group, get your reasonable profits in a short time.  Remember,  don’t retail it less than 15$/pair.