Ten Tips Of Helping You “Subdue” False Mink Eyelashes

Ten Tips Of Helping You “Subdue” False Mink Eyelashes

False mink eyelashes are the strongest props to change the entire eye makeup, if you can master it, it can be said that your big-eyed beauty has been half successful. Today, Editor will paste 10 small false mink eyelashes tips to share with you, be a beautiful “electric eye doll.”


Tip 1

Do not talk about eyelashes before you have thoroughly cleaned the eye area. Cleaning eye skin can make false eyelash adhesion longer.

Tip 2

Eyelashes different style means the makeup created by different. You can choose from a few brands of different styles of false mink eyelashes, makeup before standing in front of the mirror, take the box mounted false mink eyelashes next to the eye, a lot more contrast in order to pick the shape for the day eyelashes.

Tip 3

While attaching the false mink eyelashes, do not forget to take good care of your real eyelashes. First eyelash curler clip real eyelashes one or two times, make the eyes look more smart, and then apply some eyelash growth fluid to make real eyelashes full of moisture, it is conducive to false mink eyelashes fit.

Tip 4

If it is a long false mink eyelashes, it must be properly trimmed before use. Few false mink eyelashes without length suitable for trimming. You can first take false mink eyelashes close to the eye to measure the length of the required pruning. Firstly trim from the outer edge of the start, so that from a more precise point of view of the false mink eyelashes trimmed in a short length. Pruning outside the short pruning method is not desirable, it will make false mink eyelashes seem very unnatural.

Tip 5

If you want a little retro effect, you can choose the lower part of the eyelashes and single-type false mink eyelashes as the lower eyelashes decoration.

Tip 6

Apply the glue to the bottom of the false mink eyelashes and wait for 15 to 20 seconds to make the glue sticky and dry. Then, use the false eyelash adjuster to gently push the false mink eyelashes from the inner corner of the eye toward the outer corner of the eye to fix it. The beginning may be difficult to get started, but practice makes perfect. Do not worry the first time you stick is not perfect, the glue is not dry will leave you with time to adjust.

Tip 7

After applying the false mink eyelashes step is to draw eyeliner. After finishing the eyeliner, do not forget to curl again with the eyelash curler, curling your eyelashes, including real eyelashes and false mink eyelashes, false mink eyelashes naturally.

Tip 8

After applying false mink eyelashes brush mascara, because it can make your own lashes and false mink eyelashes naturally fit.

Tip 9

A complete set of false mink eyelashes can be recycled. Remover will be false mink eyelashes along the inner corner of the eye to gently pull down the outer corner, and remove the glue. A pair of false mink eyelashes can be reused 10 times, if every remover is stressful, you can even recycle more times.

Tip 10

If you want to create dinner eye makeup, you can try to embellish your eyelashes with crystal, the effect is absolutely dazzling.

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