Three Kinds Of Mink Eyelashes Paste Methods Allow You Having Charming Eyes

Three Kinds Of Mink Eyelashes Paste Methods Allow You Having Charming Eyes

Many girls are aware of the importance of mink eyelashes in eye makeup. Due to they do not know how to paste , so they never use it.Today I will explain several ways to wear mink eyelashes, and you can easily master after repeated exercises .

First,Paste Entire Mink Eyelashes

Step1. Firstly curled false eyelash several times to make it in line with the curvature of the eye.

Step2. half-dry paste in the eyelash glue, the first fixed position, and then tweezers adjust the eye end of the eye, and finally brush a layer of mascara,that is the true and mink eyelashes glued together to avoid divided. This method is the most common method.But sometimes prone to the situation inside the corner of plastic. Especially the roots of mink eyelashes when the bottom line harder, there is the phenomenon of stinging eyes.

Frequent blinking will result in mink eyelashes.Not only to grasp the point of paste, but also the texture of mink eyelashes better. When applying glue, the glue is generally semi-dry glue. And pinch the ends of the mink eyelashes gather back so that mink eyelashes shape has formed the right eye type when the glue half-dry.

Second, Sub-Paste Mink Eyelashes

Step1. Cut the entire mink eyelashes in half. Paste at the root of eyelashes as shown below. According to the need to add a few short eyelashes inside the corner of the eyelashes. You can use longer mink eyelashes trimmed out.

Note: The outermost corner of the eyelash length must also be shorter.

Step2. You will need wear a good mink eyelashes and be sure to brush it again mascara because of more dense and natural.

Third, Add a Single Root Paste Mink Eyelashes

When a single paste is mainly to play the effect. Firstly real eyelashes need mascara , and then according to the situation in the appropriate place to add a few mink eyelashes paste. Then apply mascara again. The glue can be applied to the back of own hands, so every time dipped in glue is very convenient.

Fourth, Paste The Eyelashes Mink Eyelashes

When pasting bottom eyelashes, the makeup is basically need to do as we need. Such as smoked makeup, you can do like this. If you pay attention to the use of fake eyelashes bottom line, bottom is the best transparent . when the first cut into a few small eyelashes and sub-section paste, please pay attention to the joints where the tight without appear gap

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