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Three tips for identifying mink eyelashes factory

Three tips for identifying mink eyelashes factory

It is very important to customize the eyelashes from the eyelash factory. First of all, the quality is guaranteed. Even if he gives you wrong or problematic eyelashes, it can give you enough compensation. Her eyelashes can maintain consistent stability and sustainability. , So that your long-term loyal customers can find the same eyelashes for a long time, instead of distributor, you ca n’t supply the same eyelashes for a long time.

The first trick, after you have selected the eyelashes based on the pictures, ask your supplier to put your favorite eyelashes together and take a photo for you. The interface is to do a website exhibition, if your customers can give you in 30 minutes Provide a photo, then he is a wholesale supplier with an eyelash factory, not a distributor who sells pictures, you can safely do eyelash business with him, if you still do n’t worry, you can add an eyelash, let him take another shot, This technique is very simple and very good, it is the best way to choose the factory

The second measure is to observe the eyelash catalog provided by the supplier. If there are eyelashes of various lengths, such as regular classic eyelashes, 20 mm eyelashes, 25 mm eyelashes, and each length of eyelashes has a natural style, a large volume, Comedy models, complete categories, then you can be sure that the supplier you are looking for has its own factory, not a distributor.
Only the factory produces a full range of eyelashes, and constantly develops and launches new product lines. This is the instinct of the factory. Distributor instinctively grabs the goods from the factory, not by itself.

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