Top Seller Fluffy Mink Lashes 

Top Seller Fluffy Mink Lashes 

Mink lash industry has experienced natural lashes, short lashes, long lashes, now more and more fire, so variety of eyelashes is also increasingly innovative! The trend of mink eyelashes from short natural style to long style, Mink hairs of on the eyelashes from rare to dense, from straight to cross, final forms fluffy curly style eyelashes the most trending.

Curly fluffy eyelashes have become a trend.,this trend begins from the black girls. it can be foreseen,this trend will overspread from black race to brown, then to white and yellow races, until to the next trend.


Aupres Lashes Mink Lash Vendors well explained this trend on its mink eyelashes. Below we offer 4 types of various styles of curly fluffy mink eyelashes for you to choose and start your own eyelash business!



Only find and follow the trend and lead the fashion trend, you can easily and quickly promote your lash business and earn your best profits

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