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Wear Fake Mink Eyelashes And You Can Appreciate The Amazing Changes It Brings To The Eyes

Wear Fake Mink Eyelashes And You Can Appreciate The Amazing Changes It Brings To The Eyes

We have to ask, if you still do not know how to stick fake mink eyelashes, indicating that you have not appreciated amazing changes it bring to the eyes, which instantly make your eyes big and bright! If you can not know fake mink eyelashes, or have begun to learn but not essentials, However this false eyelash paste skills, definitely make you turned eyelashes master!

Here, take a look at the magic of fake mink eyelashes:

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Have The Eyes Increase

First of all, fake mink eyelashes need choose the right eye type to successfully increase their eyes. The easiest way to choose: Depending on the width of your double eyelid to determine the length of the fake mink eyelashes, that is, the wider the eyelids,the longer fake mink eyelashes ,so as to achieve a double eyelid visually increased, thereby increase the tension of the eye effect.

Tips: Single eyelid or small double more suitable for short natural fake mink eyelashes.

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Change The Eye Type

Similar with eyeliner, selecting the stem is a black cotton fake mink eyelashes, stretching the role of both eyes, and then with the upper and lower eyeliner painting, so that eyelashes eye liner integration can counterfeit real and correct imperfect eye type. And fake mink eyelashes can cover the shadow and dull upper eyelid, improve the three-dimensional eye.

Tips: In addition to the upper and lower eyeliner, lower eyelashes is also a tool to change the eye type.

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Change The Proportion Of Facial Features

Fake mink eyelashes can solve the sparse, soft and difficult to shape the eyelashes troubles, eyelashes open upward shape allows you to immediately look like Barbie upper body, eye length, size, shape has changed, the proportion of facial features will be different.

Tips:There are many natural and realistic style under the eyelashes, single cluster or partial under the eyelashes, you can also confused it really.

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