What does 25mm mean in lashes?

What Does 25mm Means In Lashes?

Every woman wants to be the center of the focus, a beautiful incarnation, a beautiful focus that has always been discussed in the eyes of others! Thats nice, 25mm eyelashes help you fulfill your desires when you wear aupreslashes 25mm eyelash Well, you have become the only target for others to pay attention and look back. You are a beautiful avatar, a synonym for sexy, a visual center, and it works better than the dollar!
So having 25mm mink eyelashes means leading the way, it means dramatic and charming dress, it means wealth for eyelash vendors! 25MM eyelashes are very popular in the US 3D wholesale mink eyelashes wholesale market, while 25mm eyelashes are very popular in the US market. Girls love them very much, and 25MM eyelashes are our hot products, and we are the first eyelash factory to invent 25MM eyelashes.

First, what does mm mean?
mm means millimeters, usually the length of eyelashes is 13-18 mm, which belongs to natural eyelashes.

These eyelashes are short mink eyelashes, and are especially suitable for use in workplaces and formal occasions. Therefore, professional women like 13-18mm natural eyelashes very much.

In order to show the charm and personality of the lovely woman, we launched 25mm mink lashes, and not 25mm. The length of every mink hair is 25mm, that would be so dull and lifeless.

The exact length is the distance from the top of the mink to the eyelash stalk. We measured it by straightening the mink fur of the eyelashes.

Therefore, the 25mm mink lashes are long and fluffy, and the appearance is charming.

Secondly, do you want to start the 25mm eyelashes 3D mink eyelashes business line?
If you want to develop your own eyelashes business, aupreslashes eyelashes will be your first choice. We are the best luxury eyelash wholesaler. We will help you design your logo, build a website, make custom-made eyelash boxes, and assist you in creating your own eyelashes. Brand. Our 25mm luxury eyelashes are introduced to the market.

Third, what are the advantages of aupreslashes?

We are eyelash vendors based China,  and wholesale mink lashes to Usa,  we support small lash vendors USA, help them create their own eyelash brand, we successfully help thousands of eyelash vendors wholesale usa.

Big Volume Mink strip lashes is a very important part of eyelash types, it is coming from Make up saloon, because of its great curly degrees, thicker and fluffy mink hairs, it is warmly welcomed by millions of lash lovers.

As an experienced mink lash vendors, Aupres Lashes already made our own style volume lashes, and we successful make it more longer and dramatic, especially 25mm lashes, we make 3 styles, and also we wholesale eyelash vendors well promoted.

Fourth, our 25mm Siberian mink is handmade, 100% real mink.
Our 25mm eyelashes and 25mm eyelashes are shipped quickly, you can receive 25mm eyelashes within 2-3 working days after payment. We are the fastest eyelash wholesaler to provide this service.

If you want to search for a wholesaler of 25mm mink, you can add whatsapp008615318782783. For more information.

We will provide you with a competitive wholesale price of 25MM mink.

What does 25mm mean in lashes?
Apr 06,2020

When you shop the lashes, you may have questions about the numbers ahead of the lash name. So what does 25mm mean in lashes?

MM means millimeter, the length of the eyelash. Actually 12-17mm lashes belongs to natural lashes. But in order to offer more choices for different informal occasions for lovely women. We development of new products of 25mm mink lashes. Let’s see the difference of the natural length lashes and dramatic 25mm mink lashes.

25mm mink lashes (1).png

What calls for special attention is that not each fur’s length is 25 millimeters and that would be so dull and lifeless. The longest fur is 25mm for the lashes with the shorter length fur to create different styles. And the exact length is the distance between the top of the mink fur to the lashes band. How do you know that? You can calculate by straightening the eyelashes mink fur.
25mm mink lashes (2).pngSo 25mm mink lashes are more and more popular in the lash market because they are very long and fluffy with charming appearance.
25mm mink lashes (3).png

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