What Is 5D Mink Lashes?

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What Is 5D Mink Lashes?

If you learn the history of false eyelashes, you will find that the number of grafted eyelashes that can be planted is limited, and the length of planted eyelashes is also limited. While people continue to use eyelashes, they start to use strip lashes to get longer, thicker and more warped. When she wears these thick comedic eyelashes, she is always the center of the spotlight, no matter where she goes.

The individual eyelashes are called 2D eyelashes, the traditional 16mm eyelashes are called 3D eyelashes, and the 25mm eyelashes are called 5D eyelashes.

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5D eyelashes can have many layers, the thickest column of this eyelash has 8 layers

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Mink Eyelash Vendors  divided 5D eyelashes into several types according to the type of eyelashes. There are natural styles, wispy styles, and comedy styles. Each style will bring you a different beautiful experience. You can choose different models according to your preferences.

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Wholesale Lash Vendors have already made different curvatures for these eyelashes, and then set these curvatures. With this eyelash, you don’t need to use a  brush and mascara to make your own curvature, just take care of the eyelashes you like, keep the eyelashes in this curvature, don’t deform, so you can save a lot of time。




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