What Is The Best Lash Box Diy Your Logo On?

What Is The Best Lash Box Diy Your Logo On?

I am amazed that we now make so many acrylic Eyelash Packaging Boxes every day, the same transparent acrylic box, because customers provide different color patterns, the printed effect is so different, and each one is very beautiful.This Acrylic box is best box for you Diy your logo!


Your photo + Your lash brand name is first polular trending, natural girl, sexy lady with different color bottom card, make your lash box supper eye sight catching, your customers very easy remember you and you your mink lashes!

Back of box printed with butterfly is another very popular Diy Your Logo solution.  Imagine how charming you are when your eyelashes  flutter like butterfly wings. You will know why butterfly patterns are so popular.



Also has many other unique logo partern, like following pink cloud, sexy lips, flowers and Large dollar banknotes, anything you can imagine, we can do it for you! Help you create your own unique but beautiful brand logo! 





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