What Is The Cheapest Eyelash Packaging Box?

What Is The Cheapest Eyelash Packaging Box?

In the eyelash business, Lash Packaging Box is very important, but Lash Packaging now accounts for a high proportion of the cost. Statistics show that luxury packaging accounts for more than 40% of the cost. To make money, packaging costs must be reduced! So can we reduce the packaging cost to 10%? Aupres Eyelash Vendors can do cheapest eyelash packaging box for you!

Of course, we can provide Paper Card Box Packaging, which can help you print your logo on the box. The cost of the box is very low, and because the box is light in weight, the transportation cost is also very low! The price of this package is so low that the box factory has increased the MOQ by 1,000, so that the manufacturing price of each batch does not exceed US$400, and the price of each box does not exceed 40 cents. The cost only accounts for 8% of the cost of each eyelash box packaging.


Is this price very cheap? Of course, only when your eyelash business reaches a certain big scale, you need to customize such a Lash Packaging Box. If you can only use 300 pieces boxes but  you customize 1,000 boxes, it is equivalent to spending $1 per box, thats much expensive, not make sense!



The paper card box is very light way, and the service times is equivalent to the number of reuses of eyelashes. Our high-quality eyelashes can be used 25 times, and this paper card box can also be used 30 times, just enough to support the number of eyelashes!



Wish you can make more profit with the low packaging cost, contact to Aupres Lashes, we can help you make beautiful and cheap paper card boxes.

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