What Kinds Of Lash Bands Suitable For Your Double Eyelids?

What Kinds Of Lash Bands Suitable For Your Double Eyelids?

There are a lot of kinds false eyelashes in the market, of course there are many different lash band, such as hard lash band there are transparent lash band and woven band, and also there are soft lash band, such as thread cotton lash band, this is because of the demand of eyelids. lets go on introduce these three lash band and see what eyelids like it!

1. Cotton thread:

The band is a black cotton thread, which can act as an outer liner without reflection. It is very soft and the ends of it are not easy to tilt. It is suitable for double eyelids with moderate stealth degree, and it can act as eyeliner. Because it is very soft, it will not stick to the eyelids after being put and will not be easy to tilt. In other words, it is very ductile. The hardness is between the transparent lash band and the woven band. The glue is strong because of the texture. However, the disadvantage of it is that due to the deformation after usage. No matter for more durable mink eyelashes or more affordable synthetic eyelashes, they all can be made with black cotton thread.

2. Transparent lash band:

It is suitable for double eyelid and single eyelid. It has better effects in makeup with high transparency. It is easy to cut off a bundle of posts which can maintain the original radian after usage. It is very invisible so it can achieve very good results, either in whole or in a single cluster. The defect is because of the weaving, eyelash prone to stick together and the ends of eyelashes are easy to fall off and tilt.

3. Woven band:

Compared with the line band and cotton stalk, it is not very comfortable. But for girls of single and inside double-fold eyelid, it is a good choice because of the better effects due to its hardness. However, it is easy to fall off after a long soak in the water, and the ends of eyelashes are easy to be unglued which requires people to fill with glue from time to time. Besides, the stalks are not average in hardness with thick and thin lashes.

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