What Lash Bands Light Soft And Confortable?

What Lash Bands Light Soft And Confortable?

Eyelash band is very important, good material lash band can make the mink furs stable on lash band, nof easily fall off, also the good lash band will be light weight, soft and comfortble, lets see which lash band can have this affects.
There are many types of false eyelashes Lash Vendors on the market, and different eyelash bands have appeared on the market for different needs of eyelashes. The mainstream can be divided into transparent eyelash bands and black cotton thread.

Cotton thread: The strap is made of black cotton thread, which can be used as an outer lining without reflection. It is very soft and does not tilt easily at the end. Suitable for double eyelids with moderate invisibility and can be used as eyeliner. Because it is very soft, it won’t stick to the eyelids after putting it on, and it won’t be easy to lift up.
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In other words, it is very malleable. Because of the quality of cotton thread, it fixes the eyelashes very well. However, its disadvantage is that it will deform after use. Whether it’s more durable mink eyelashes or more affordable synthetic eyelashes, they can be made with black cotton thread.


Transparent eyelash band: suitable for double eyelid and single eyelid. High-transparency makeup looks better. It is easy to cut off a bundle of pillars and maintain the original curvature after use.
It is very invisible, so it can get very good results whether it is the whole or in a single cluster. The disadvantage is that because of weaving, the eyelashes are easy to stick together, and the ends of the eyelashes are easy to fall off and tilt.


Aupres Eyelash Vendor has been committed to wholesale black cotton 3D Mink Lashes, focusing on the comfort of the eyelashes in wearing, to ensure that the eyelashes are durable and comfortable. Our eyelash styles are 13mm-25mm. You can find both natural style and dramatic eyelashes at IPSA Mink Lash Vendors.


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