What Lash Box Fit The  Low-Priced Eyelash Market?

What Lash Box Fit The  Low-Priced Eyelash Market?

Aupres Lash Packaging Box

According to customers feedbacks, the retail price of eyelashes in different regions of the United States is different. How to make money in the low-price eyelash market? It is very important to choose cheap but beautiful Eyelash Packaging. Aupres Lashes , a famous Lash Vendors Here recommend  a free Lash Package Box for you, so that you can make money when you sell lashes in  lower price region.

When you sell eyelashes at a low price, the profit of a single eyelash is very low. You have to sell a lot to make money. Our Eyelash Packaging Box must be given away for free when you buy 60 pairs.

This kind of Eyelash Packaging Box is very beautiful, and it is enough to support the cost of your customers to buy eyelashes. You buy eyelashes at such a low price. Can you expect a better Custom Eyelash Packaging Box?


This Lash Box is small in weight and less expensive in the transportation process. It also reduces transportation costs for you, so your profits are better.

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