What’s Advantage Of 25mm Faux Mink Lashes?

What’s Advantage Of 25mm Faux Mink Lashes?

Aupres Lashes is the Best Wholesale Eyelash Vendors who focus on supplying best mink lashes to USA, help our clents in Usa creating their eyelash brand, enlarge their lash business and make more money. We promote high quality affordable 25mm faux mink lashes for the vegetarian customers.

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What is faux mink lashes ?
Faux mink eyelashes are made of plastic fiber instead of real mink fur hairs, which is a vegetarian material, they are not so curly and shinny compare to real mink lashes, but they are popular for the enviroment protecting customers.

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What’s Advantage Of 25mm Faux Mink Lashes?

Faux mink lashes are cheaper and affordable, only 1/3 price than real mink lashes, the faux mink lashes made by Aupres Lashes also very good quality, can be 20 more times resuable with proper care, if your customers are like faux mink lashes against real mink lashes, then you can make more profits to promote faux mink lashes.

Aupres lashes only promote 16mm and 25mm faux mink lashes, the catalogs attached following, you can take choice your favorite ones and start your lash business.Faux mink eyelashes are lighter and softer than real mink eyelashes, if you find a good faux mink Lash Vendor.If you’re a vegetarian, then this is your best choice.


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