Whats Mink Lashes Fit For Black Girls?

Whats Mink Lashes Fit For Black Girls?

As the income level of black people increases, the consumption power of high-end eyelashes becomes stronger and stronger. What kind of eyelashes can make black ladies more beautiful, sexy and charming?


Dramatic Wholesale Mink Lashes

Famous Eyelash Vendors Aupres Lashes received a lot of feedback from black customers and found that Bigger Lashes, Thicker Lashes , Flluffy Eyelashes are the favorite varieties of most black girls. Wearing such eyelashes can make them the focus of the spotlight, and only the black girls can  make the big  eyelashes well worn.


Volume Eyelash Vendors

After a long period of research and repeated wearing experience, Aupres Lashes launched 22mm, 25mm long eyelashes, including natural styles, wispy styles, fluffy eyelashes, Volume styles, Dramatic styles!


Wispy Lash Vendors

These eyelashes were a great success. Thousands of American eyelash merchants placed orders and sold them quickly. These merchants also got good benefits.



Volume Eyelash Vendors Wholesale

These eyelashes have achieved great success. Thousands of American eyelash merchants have placed orders. In 2019, the production speed of Aupres Lashes is always unable to keep up with the sales speed, and the supply of products exceeds demand. These eyelashes are very easy to sell in the United States. Eyelash suppliers get high profits from these eyelash varieties


25mm lashes bulk

Black customers are very honest and frank. They are very satisfied with our products. This is customer satisfaction feedback. Aupres Lashes is an innovative wholesale supplier of eyelashes, which produces fashionable, comfortable and fast-selling products.

Cooperating with Aupres Lashes is your smartest choice!

Wholesale Lash Vendors

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