Where Can Find Best Eyelash Adhesives & Removers?

Where Can Find Best Eyelash Adhesives & Removers?


As a professional Eyelash Vendors, you want to provide your clients with high-quality, long-lasting eyelashes. In addition to the quality of the lashes themselves, you also need to consider which adhesives and removers are right for your needs and the needs of your clients. For the best eyelash adhesives and removers, check out what the experts at Aupres Lashes have to say.

Best Lash Adhesives

When it comes to the best lash adhesives, you want products that are fume-free, quick-drying, and long-lasting. You also want to ensure that the glues you’re using are appropriate for your client’s preferred lash style. If you’re applying strip lashes, the Aupres Lash Glue Pen is the right choice.

All of the adhesives are fume-free and quick dry in under 15 seconds! Once the glue completely dries, your clients can get back to all their normal activities as usual. Whether applying makeup or washing their face, their lashes won’t budge an inch. If you want customer satisfaction, Aupres Lashs has the best adhesives and removers on the market.

Pro Tip

The best lash adhesives in the world will only work well if your lashes are prep. To make sure your adhesive really sticks, apply a glue primer at the beginning of your session to remove all oils, makeup, and residue from the client’s lashes and eye area.

Best Eyelash Adhesive Removers

You generally have two options when it comes to the best adhesive removers: gel and cream. Neither formula causes damage to the natural lash, so your choice can be based on personal preference. Many prefer the cream remover because it’s thicker and won’t accidentally seep into the client’s eyes.

The gel is applied directly to the base of the lashes, while the cream can be applied throughout the lashes with a microbrush. Whether you choose the gel or the cream as your eyelash adhesive remover, you only need to wait five minutes before unwear your strip lashes.

Because these products are so powerful, gently brushing the lashes with an eyelash wand is all that’s needed to remove the lash extensions. If you’re experiencing any difficulty with your current adhesive remover, it may be time to switch to one of the best adhesive removers from Yegi Beauty!

Shopping with Aupres Lashes

Our goal is to transform you with high-quality, effective products that make your job easier and your clients happier. Discover targeted products for your every need when you explore our selection.

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