Where Can I Order Trending Eyelash Packaging?

Where Can I Order Trending Eyelash Packaging?

Everyone knows that from Aupres Lashes you can order trending Eyelashes Packaging Boxes! This  Eyelash Vendor and Custom Eyelash Packaging Manufacturer is very fast to update Lash Packaging Boxes, and their Lash Box are particularly popular. Let’s take a look at their representative boxes and time to market!

In April 2019, they started to release Water Drop Lash Boxes for the first time, and then took half a year to develop pull drop boxes, with various colors of inner and outer boxes, they have all kinds of beautiful water drop boxes you can think of. You can choose whatever you want, just provide your logo. Isn’t it magical? Very worry-free and very beautiful?

In June, they started to market the Pink Dollar Box . In three months, they developed the window dollar box, the pull-out dollar box, and the dollar box with built-in mirrors, bringing more beautiful packaging styles to American eyelash retailers. Retailers closely related to Aupres Lashes made a lot of money because they ordered the dollar box first!


Later, Lashwood Eyelashes Packaging box, LashPort Eyelashes Packaging Box, Butterfly Acrylic Eyelashes Packaging Box, BrazDoll Eyelashes Packaging Box, all launched one after another. All bring great convenience to customers. The new beautiful eyelash packaging box can always bring eyelash buyers who catch up with the trend, can always drive eyelash sales in time, and bring you faster sales speed and more profits.

Pay attention to the Aupres Lashes packaging page, discover and order new packaging boxes in time to make your eyelash business better!  Check following website page link!

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