Where Can I Wholesale Luxury Custom  Eyelash Packaging Boxes?

Where Can I Wholesale Luxury Custom  Eyelash Packaging Boxes?

Luxury Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes can upgrade the brand, increase sales prices, attract customers to buy, and speed up sales. This has become the consensus of the eyelash industry. So where can you wholesale luxury eyelash packaging boxes? If you are distressed by this problem, please follow Aupres Lashes, we can provide you with professional services, provide you with luxurious customized eyelash packaging boxes, and provide you with the greatest support for your eyelash brand!


1. Independently develop the packaging box model to provide you with the most fashionable eyelash packaging
Aupres Lashes Vendors has its own eyelash packaging box production plant and a strong design team. It has never stopped researching advanced eyelash packaging boxes. It adopts the market box shape and uses the latest packaging materials. Now it can provide more than 200 eyelash packaging boxes. For customers to choose, there is always a box that can match your logo design and your color melody. Therefore, customers are more willing to cooperate with us. Some customers order different luxury eyelash packaging boxes every time and have already made her eyelash line. I have 10 different box models, each of them likes it very much, because her customers like it, this one can bring her good profits.

2. Fast logo design display service

Every customer sees what it looks like before the box is produced, and some customers want to see the sample of her customized box. This is unrealistic, because in order to save costs and control costs for you, custom eyelash packaging boxes must be Mass production, so what needs to be shown to you is the rendering. Our designer can make the rendering for you within 2 hours, and then show it to you, so that you can see the manufacturing of your luxurious eyelash packaging box. What will it look like? Customers can see the renderings in a short time, and they won’t worry about it. Therefore, the customers who work with us are very happy, and our designers can make them feel at ease and trust.

3. Strong communication skills can make your logo design intent to be understood and executed
Our sales staff are all well-educated college students. They have good English communication skills and understanding and acceptance capabilities, so your logo design requirements can be easily understood and well executed, even if what you provide is only A logo idea, they can also quickly understand and entrust a designer to make a very beautiful eyelash packaging box for you. They have won the respect and praise of customers. Their service is first-class. This is the most important thing for customers to repeat the order. s reason.

4. Ultra-low MOQ
Our luxury eyelash packaging box has a very low MOQ, only 30 pieces. This policy is favored by early-stage entrepreneurial customers with small investments. It is a common sense business practice to test eyelash lines with small investments, but many eyelash wholesalers cannot provide them. Small MOQ, they require MOQ at least 60, and some even 100, which causes great troubles for entrepreneurs. Cooperate with Aupres Lashes, call WhatApp +8615318782783 immediately, we can help you solve these problems for you The eyelash business provides the best service!

5. Fast production speed of eyelash packaging box.

The production of Aupres Lashes eyelash packaging boxes is quite fast. They can be produced in 3-5 working days. This provides customers with great support. After payment, each customer is eager to produce and deliver their orders as soon as possible. Our production speed It has surpassed the expectations of most customers, and it has always been our focus to assist customers in their capital turnover as soon as possible, and to make more money in a short period of time!

6. Always innovate the style of eyelash packaging box, leading the fashion of packaging
Our designers are very concerned about the update of packaging styles. Several fashionable eyelash packaging box models are launched every month. Many packaging box styles lead the trend of eyelash packaging boxes. This brings more orders to customers, so customers A frequently asked sentence is “Do you have a beautiful box update?” “”, I think this is very helpful to long-term customers!

7. Fast air express delivery service
We have long-term cooperation agreement with Fedex air express companies to enjoy low transportation and high transportation speed, only 3 workiing days shipping time, saving customers transportation costs, and able to coordinate and solve the damage of goods during transportation in time

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