Which Lash Box Is Best Sellers?

Which Lash Box Is Best Seller This Month?

Looking for eye-sight catching Custom Eyelash Packaging Box, print your logo on it and use it as your own Lash Packging Box is what every eyelash vendors should actively do! You are lucky to work with Aupres Lashes, so you don’t have to be distracted in this regard.

Following boxes are best eyesight catching boxes we choose for you, of course they are also best sellers in the market, i public it on pinterest, only 12 hours, then get thousands of views and some people left very priaised comments!

This marble box printed with pink butterfly and really eye with mink lashes to act as a window. 


Money lash box with a exaggerated eye symbol, second best sellers 

This box solid white box printed real person with mink lashes, super cool, you can also make a photo, and make your own brand like this 


Rectangle case with butterflu back of case, and brand name also few pink butterflies on front of box, warmly welcome!

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