Why 25mm Mink Strip Lashes 2020 Edition So Popular

Why 25mm Mink Strip Lashes 2020 Edition So Popular?

Since the launch of the 25mm mink strip lashes 2020 Edition on Jan.19th, they are always out of stock, Why is it so popular?

We are lash manufacturer, wholesale lash vendors, because we have 19 different 25mm mink strip lashes styles listed, although the factory has more than 200 workers, the number of workers on these producing line are fixed. We use the best mink  tail hairs to produce mink lashes, 100% handcraft. With the increase of mature workers on the production line, the output of 25mm lashes is increasing, but the market demand is also increasing due to the expansion of product influence, and it is always in a state of shortage.

All of our Aupres lashes 25mm mink strip lashes are purely artificial, no machine selection mink hairs and no machine placement of mink hair layers. Use the most skilled craftsmen, choose the best mink hair tail hairs, use the best glue to paste the eyelashes band,the best cotton thread for eyelash band, not chemical raw materials to deal with eyelash curling, so all the eyelashes are very good quality, the eyelashes are elegant, the hair is shiny, the curl is natural, the weight is small, the wear and the removal are easy, so our 25mm eyelashes are very popular, Aupres lashes became Best Mink Lash Supplier and Most popular Wholesale False Eyelashes Supplier in the past year 2018.
Then you know why these 25mm lashes so popular?
Because besides above best material and skillful works, these 25mm mink strip lashes has its special fashion elements, they have their own soul! People who like long eyelashes fall in love with it at the first glam. Whether she  is Wing eyes or Round eyes, just fall in love with it!!!
When you promote this high quality 25mm lashes, i am sure you will get most faithful customers, make your money easily

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